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November 29, 2023, 12:21:39 pm
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News: Ancient documents portend major earthquake
TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- An Israeli scientist said ancient documents suggest a major earthquake triggered by the Dead Sea Fault is long overdue in the Middle East.
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Twin Towers Bulletins

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Author Topic: Twin Towers Bulletins  (Read 949 times)
Michelle Jahn
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« on: January 03, 2011, 01:29:07 pm »

12/20/2010 — “Ugly Is As Ugly Does…” A question that was posted on the “Ask Yahoo” forum earlier this month asked people for feedback on the following:

“Why is the Freedom Tower (World Trade Center 1) so ugly? I am a New Yorker and I think the new Freedom Tower is very ugly. It is nothing at all like the original Twin Towers. Why weren’t the original Twin Towers rebuilt? This Freedom Tower is so ugly and will not even have an outdoor observation deck. And if they had to build it, why not build 2 Freedom Towers the same size? The new buildings are so ugly, it is just awful. Shame on the city for selecting these buildings.”

The answer to that is because the media would rather give Michael Bloomberg a loud-speaker to distort the truth, as he did in TIME Magazine last month than ask him and others for answers to questions like this one that is so representative of what people really think. It would be virtually impossible to sustain the current project if the public had been kept informed. Instead, the public was uninformed, misinformed, and malinformed by those who are meant to give the people the information they need to run their country.

It is hard to believe that even someone as powerful as Mayor Bloomberg isn’t superstitious about stretching the truth to the breaking point. Boasting about the 1776-ft. tower is plain silly, because the 400-ft. antenna might technically qualify as part of the building height, but with super-talls sprouting all over the world, it just makes us look deluded to claim that we are building a 1776-ft. tower.

But when he says that “never before have so many citizens felt such a deep personal connection to a site and taken such an active role in planning its future,” and that “our nation’s principles and values” are being honored “with every steel beam that swings into place” he crosses a line that he should think twice before crossing, because he knows it is the farthest thing from the truth. The firewall he put up has been filtering out the facts for so long that even he may get confused about what is and isn’t true, but it won’t insulate him from the consequences of his actions, which sooner or later will come due.

A faithful supporter of rebuilding the Twin Towers — Peter Walukiewicz of Torrington, Connecticut — recently shared an email he sent to the Mayor:

“Dear Mr.Mayor; It was a surprise to see you on a segment of America, the story of us where you voiced your input about the Boston Massacre. But, what about the Massacre that is going on at Ground Zero? If you have time in your busy day, please visit www.glasssteelandstone. Click on the Freedom Tower..and all of the proposed buildings for the WTC site. I hope you have a seatbelt on your office chair, because, if you look at the current polls, only ten percent like Freedom Tower, ten percent for WTC Towers 2,3,and 4. Ten percent for Reflecting Absence…BUT..90 percent for the Santiago Calatrava WTC transportation hub! Between yourself, Former Governor George Pataki, The LMDC, Daniel Libeskind, and the Port Authority, you will have the honor of being the person, who is leaving the World Trade Center, not as a tribute to the heroism of those who perished on 9/11, but as a permanent trophy to those who destroyed it. There is still room at the site for new Twin Towers. Future generations will be stuck with the current plans, forever…”

In February of 2009, the Mayor stated: “Transparency and accountability: those have been the hallmarks of our Administration at City Hall. Over the past seven years, we’ve swung open the doors of City government and given the public the essential information it needs to make sure that we are living up to our obligations and responsibilities to New Yorkers.”

It is spooky how easily that man says one thing, while doing another. If officials were really proud of their plan for the WTC, they would welcome any and all questions. The most damning proof that they are doing something terribly wrong is the way they have kept legitimate questions from being aired because they have no answers — and they know it.

12/19/2010— “Okefenokee II…” So much has been developing since our last bulletin that we are preparing an overview for our supporters. But first we will start off with a comic that long-time TTA supporter Steve Kostis sent us last month — click on the image to enlarge…

We asked Steve, a professional graphic artist who lives in New Jersey and “has signed every petition since 9/12/2001,” for some background on his cartoon and this is what he wrote:

“I was always a big fan of Walt Kelly’s Pogo. The title character, Pogo Possum, had been the original animal superhero, and thusly was always seen rescuing animals in need, defeating Swamp Villains and very powerful politicians, and pulling the whole Okefenokee Swamp back together after the rest of its critters had torn it apart.

“In wishing to update the character, I stumbled upon the following observation: The political scene of the late-1990s/early 2000s had become so complex in comparison with that of the late-1940s-early70s (the timeframe of Pogo) that it would take 20 Pogo Possums to set everything right. One set back — only one Pogo.

“Solution: Increase Pogo’s natural-born abilities twenty-fold, hence my concept of Pogo Possum’s brand-new superpowered alter-ego Superpossum. The combination of the superhero transformation concept and the default subject matter of the original strip (Swamp-based solutions to intense political problems) produced the image.”

The moral of the story is that you never know when someone is going to appear to defeat the Swamp Villains just when it seems like they have won…

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