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August 15, 2022, 05:43:36 pm
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Author Topic: THE SLEEPING PROPHET  (Read 235 times)
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« on: September 11, 2007, 04:11:41 pm »

"Today I spit a mile."

This slightly irreverent statement is attributed to a small boy who once stood at
Bright Angel Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon and gazed down at the
Colorado River a mile below.  For a look into the past, one can scarcely do better than visit Grand Canyon National Park.   This immense gorge, cut by the Colorado
River in the high plateau of northern Arizona, is truly a window in time.  The scale
of the canyon is enormous.  It varies in width from 4 to 18 miles.  From Bright
Angel Point, one has a magnificent view of the Colorado River, a mile below.  Within the canyon itself are a multitude of peaks, buttes, plateaus, ravines, gulches and
smaller canyons.  Several different type of climate prevail at its different levels.

In the walls and rocks of the canyon, we can read a record of the past that extends
back millions of years.  Here are the windblown sands of a desert; here are shells,
corals and traces of marine life from long-forgotten shallow seas; here are rem-
nants of plants and aquatic life from a former freshwater lake.  The record of eons
past goes back from the surface to the black basalt, exposed at the river.  A trip down the canyon trail will convince the most skeptical that geologists' views of
earth's long history are based more on hard evidence than on mere speculation.

Edgar Cayce traveled deep into the past as well.  Rather than reading the story of the earth in the rocks, he read the Akashic Records, described in his readings as a
psychic record of every event that has ever taken place, "woven upon the skeins of
time and space."  Geologists can only look at layers of rock and the fossil skeletons of ancient animals; but Cayce's journey into the Akashic Records revealed a vast
wealth of information, including the past lives of many individuals.

Scattered through those hundreds of life readings is the tale of a once-great conti-
nent that attained a level of culture and technology unmatched in history.  The
readings also relate how this great society - in the struggle between people devoted to God and those devoted to material desires - destroyed all that they had, as a result of their moral struggle and misuse of technology.

Cayce's readings agree with geologists that the surface of the earth was much different in the past.  Many lands have disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again.  But the readings go beyond accepted geological theory and geology can
tell us nothing about the people themselves, how they lived, how they died and what meaning their lives might have for us today.



Edgar Evans Cayce (Son of E.C.)

Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.

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