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Stan Lee and Avi Arad on Marvel Movies

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Author Topic: Stan Lee and Avi Arad on Marvel Movies  (Read 102 times)
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« on: June 14, 2010, 01:25:00 pm »

Q: And "Ultimo" is a new project for you as well.
Lee: I was amazed. The new issue of "Ultimo" just came out in pocket book size. They sold out here in a minute and half and everyone was clamoring for more. I think it's going to be a big hit. It's a big hit in Japan. I didn't know how it would do here. Judging by the fans reaction here, it should do good. I'm not really a great judge. I'm not fluent in Japanese. But it'll do great if it does as well as I think it's gonna do. And we have an animated cartoon in Japan that's being done called "Hero Man" and that looks like a big hit there and some networks are interested in bringing it here in the states... We have "Hero Man" and we have "Ultimo" and I have high hopes. I live in hope.

Q: Are there any other new ideas that you're developing right now that you can comment on?
Lee: One thing. We have something called "Yin and Yang." "The World of Yin and Yang" and it's going to be a live-action show. When we finally get it done, it's going to be bigger than the Cirque du Soleil. It's going to be BIG. We're starting to work on it in the Orient, in Asia and it'll come over here. It's a live show with special effects and music. It's going to be the most magnificent thing that has ever been seen, not on the stage but in an arena!

Q: Speaking of live shows, they're still developing Spider-Man for Broadway. Have you seen anything of the progress there?
Lee: I don't really know where that stands. But they haven't given up... I think it will be done. They just have to find the right formula and a way to make money out of it because the first time they figured that if they had a sold out show for the next five years, they'd still lose money because it was costing so much. They have to figure out their finances.

Q: What do you think of your likeness being used in "Ultimo"?
Lee: They had fun doing that and I'm kind of flattered. They always make me look better and younger.

Q: Do you know what you'll be doing in San Diego this year?
Lee: No, I have no idea. I never know. I didn't know what I was going to be doing here. They tell me, "you're going to this convention," and I walk in stumbling and bumbling and they push me into a room to do a panel and say, "go over here and sign something," or "alright, we've had enough of you, go home." I hope they'll be saying that soon because I've got stuff to do at home.

Q: You recently did a video campaigning for a "Best Cameo" Oscar. How did that come about?
Lee: Wasn't that great? Funny as hell... The guys at Funny or Die came to me. I can't say no. Anything that has to do with being in front of a camera, I love it.

Q: Have you talked to Syfy about any other projects?
Lee: I think we have something we're presenting to them, but I can't remember what it is. And I can't talk about it. I can never talk about anything because the network or the movie studio wants to make the first announcement.

Q: In "Iron Man 2," you're playing Larry King. Has Larry King said anything to you about it?
Lee: He'll probably shoot me if he sees me. That wasn't my idea, you know. I was just going to be a guy in a crowd who says hello to Robert Downey Jr. as he walks by. Then, all of a sudden, the director, Jon Favreau says, "Wait! I've got an idea! Give Stan a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and suspenders.

Q: Did you shave for the part? Larry King doesn't have a mustache.
Lee: He didn't seem to care. Let Larry King grow a mustache! I'm not shaving mine off.

Q: What did Hugh Hefner think of your cameo in the first one?
Lee: I think he got a kick out of it. How could he not? Especially since I look so much better than him. He was glad to see such a handsome guy playing his role. But I was lucky because I had three girls and the director kept saying, "Hold them closer!" And they must have taken an hour to shoot it. First from this angle and then from that angle. The four of us were almost engaged by the time we were finished. There was one thing where, originally, to look like Hefner, they wanted me to have a pipe in my mouth. The girl's faces were so close. So, couldn't imagine how close they were. When Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to walk by behind me, I was supposed to turn around. The first time I did it with a pipe in my mouth, I turned and the pipe hit her. So that was kind of funny. But we decided after I hit her to get rid of the pipe.

Q: So what are you going as Larry this time around?
Lee: I'm not supposed to tell anybody. But, if you think it's dumb, it wasn't my idea. If it's clever, I'm glad I thought of it.
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