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News: Ancient documents portend major earthquake
TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- An Israeli scientist said ancient documents suggest a major earthquake triggered by the Dead Sea Fault is long overdue in the Middle East.
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Dramatic Sale: Turn Off TV! Like, Really

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Author Topic: Dramatic Sale: Turn Off TV! Like, Really  (Read 7 times)
Atlantean King
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« on: June 09, 2010, 03:02:20 pm »

Dramatic Sale: Turn Off TV! Like, Really. Revolutionary Clicker that will Turn off Any North American Television from 1-20 (possibly as far as 50) Feet Away (As Long as You Can Point Invisible Infra-Red Light at Television). Can't Stand FOX in a Bar? Your Relative Giving You a Headache by Watching CNBC But Hid the Remote? Listening to Hannity in a Laundromat Giving You a Headache? This is a Remarkable, Inexpensive Device! Use It Now.
TV B Gone's Review (excerpt)
Join the BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign

Directions for using your TV-B-Gone:

1. Point it at a TV set

2. Press the button (no need to hold the button down)

3. Keep pointing it at the TV until the TV turns off (which may take up to 69 seconds)

(You must point it at the TV -- and it does not go through walls, so you can't turn off the TV of someone loudly playing a Kojak rerun a 1 AM in the motel room next to yours.)


From the inventor, Mitch Altman:


Thanks for buying my invention, TV-B-Gone, a universal remote control that is designed not only to turn TVs on and off, but also to enhance your life. How you enhance your life is totally up to you, but mind if I ask you a couple of questions? Cool, thanks!

How much of the TV that you watch do you really like a lot? If you could choose whatever it is that you'd like to be doing right now, anything at all, what would it be? Was your answer, “Watch TV!”? Whatever your answer was, my wish for you is that you have time in your life to do it. Please make time in your life for what you really like. Better yet, please make time to do what you love. Wouldn't that be great? Don't know what you love? Try out a few things, see what happens.

Me, my life got so much better from watching TV less. As a result, I had enough time to invent TV-B-Gone! My idea was to give others a similar chance – so I created a fun way to get the message out there that turning a TV on or off really is a choice. Anywhere, anytime. Please, go out there and choose.

My wish is that your TV-B-Gone remote control will give you a lifetime of practical fun.


A BuzzFlash note: when you turn off a TV on private property, you do take a risk of being kicked out or perhaps even arrested. It's better to ask first to change the channel or turn the television off. BuzzFlash does not condone the breaking of any law or anyone getting into a fight or arrested over guerilla turn-off-television (or specific programming) tactics. That is a risk the user chooses to take. Remember, you must be within about 20 feet or less of the television and have the LED on the front of the remote aimed at the television. Because of different codes on televisions, it may take up to a minute to turn off as the keychain TV B Gone device goes through different codes. It can also be used to turn televisions back on. This is a universal North American television on/off remote.

What is the Instant Reactivation Feature?

The new TV-B-Gone model allows you to press the button at any time to restart transmission of all of its infrared codes. Since the codes for the most popular TVs are closest to the beginning of the sequence, you can shut off more TVs faster, without waiting the full 69 seconds, as with the original version.

What is the flashing LED (and can I turn it off)?
This light indicates that the unit is sending out its signal. If you don't want the flashing LED on, simply double-click the button to start the TV-B-Gone.

The batteries are replaceable.

Also, get a BuzzFlash Turn Off Fox Bumper Sticker and drive the message home.

And a business card size "Turn Off FOX Fraudcasting" magnet".

Buy more progressive premiums to support BuzzFlash progressive news and commentary (we accept no advertising, corporate or otherwise to maintain our complete independence) by going to The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace.
Read The Full Review >>>
Other Reviews
Quotes from satisfied customers:

“I just received my TV-B-Gone® keychain... and I LOVE it!!!! It's just too much fun!!”

—Dan, Elk River, MN

“My TV-B-Gone® just arrived last night, and I have already started turning off TVs!! Today at lunch, I went to a Hotdog place and sure enough two TVs were blaring in the background. Needless to say, I had to test my new toy and what do you know, both TVs were turned off in a matter of seconds. The best thing yet was that not a single person noticed. People kept on talking like they had better things to do with their time!!”

—Matt, Salt Lake City, UT

“I am a nurse at a nursing home, and I use TV-B-Gone® to make my job easier, since each room has a different TV, and now I don't have to search for everyone's remote control.”

—Patricia, San Jose, CA

“My dad is hard of hearing and the excess noise from random TVs is really tough for him at restaurants. I bought him a TV-B-Gone® for Christmas, and now he can join in on our conversations.”

—Eric, Hernando, FL

“Thanks for a 'useful' product. I teach at a high school and when I am in the halls and notice classrooms with televisions on, I turn them off. Great fun. I have fun with it everywhere I go. I have bought two. One for a backup. Keep up the good work”

—Tommy, Estes Park, CO

“I would like to say thank you for making such a great product, today my TV-B-Gone® remote came in the mail. Me, my wife and kids went to the mall to eat and above our head there was this jumbo TV with some adult themed videos playing. I pointed my remote and clicked... It turned off. What joy! Other people that were there with their kids were amazed... “Where did you get that thing?“ I laughed and gave them your web address. Thank you for giving me the power to control what pops on other people's TV while I have my kids with me - bless you!”

—Glenn, Chicago, IL

And a business card size "Turn Off FOX Fraudcasting" magnet".

Learn More >>>
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