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Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt

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Author Topic: Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt  (Read 279 times)
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« on: May 20, 2010, 01:15:48 pm »

Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt

part totemism, part polytheism, and part ancestor worship

The Gods

    * Aken Ferryman of the Underworld
    * Aker Guardian and Gatekeeper of the Underworld
    * Am-Heh - Devourer of Millions
    * Ament Greeter of the Dead
    * Ammit Devourer of the Wicked
    * Amun and Amun-Re The King of the Gods
    * Anat Mother of Gods
    * Andjety A precursor of Osiris
    * Anqet The Embracer, Goddess of Fertility and the Nile at Aswan
    * Anubis God of Embalming
    * Anuke Goddess of War
    * Anuket Goddess of the Nile
    * Apep The Great Destroyer
    * Arensnuphis Anthropomorphic Nubian Deity
    * As Kindly God of the Desert
    * Astarte, Warrior Goddess of Canaan
    * Aten The Sun Disk and later God
    * Atum The All-Father
    * Auf (Efu Ra) An aspect of the sun god Ra
    * Baal, God of Thunder
    * Ba-Pef - The Soul
    * Babi - The Dominant Male Baboon God
    * Banebdjetet God of Lower Egypt
    * Bast Beautiful Cat-Goddess
    * Bat - Ancient Cow Goddess
    * Benu (Bennu) - The Bird of Creation
    * Bes Protector of Childbirth
    * Dedwen - Nubian God of Resources
    * Denwen - The Fiery Serpent
    * The Ennead The Nine Great Osirian Gods
    * Fetket - The Sun God's Butler
    * Geb God of the Earth
    * Gengen Wer - The Great Honker
    * Hapi God of the Nile River
    * Hathor Goddess of Music and Dance
    * Hatmehyt - The Fish Goddess
    * Haurun, The Victorious Herdsman
    * Heh and Hauhet Deities of Infinity and Eternity
    * Heqet Frog Goddess
    * Heret-Kau - She who is Above the Spirits
    * Heryshef, Ruler of the Riverbanks
    * Heset Goddess of Plenty
    * Hetepes-Sekhus - An Eye of Re
    * Hike God of Magic and Medicine
    * Horus King of the Gods on Earth
    * Hu God of the Spoken Word
    * Iabet, Cleanser of Re, Personification of the East
    * Ihy - The Child God
    * Imhotep Lord of Science and Thought
    * Ipy (Opet), A Mother of Osiris
    * Isis Queen of the Gods
    * Iusaas - Creator Goddess
    * Kabechet Helper of Anubis
    * Kek and Kauket, Deities of Darkness, Obscurity and Night
    * Khenmu The Great Potter
    * Kherty - Ram-headed God
    * Kephri The Great Scarab
    * Khonsu God of the Moon
    * Maat Lady of Truth and Order
    * Mafdet Goddess of Scorpions and Snakes
    * Mahaf - The Ferryman
    * Mahes The Lord of the Massacre
    * Male Child Gods of Egypt
    * Mandulis - The Lower Nubian Sun God
    * Mehen Defender of the Sun Boat
    * Mehet-Weret - Cow Goddess of the Sky
    * Menhit Lion-headed War Goddess
    * Mertseger Guardian of the Valley of the Kings
    * Meskhenet - Goddess of Childbrith
    * Mihos - Son of Bastet
    * Min God of Fertility
    * Montu, Warrior and Solar God
    * Mut Grandmother of the Gods
    * Nefertem Lord of the Sunrise
    * Nehebkau, the God who Joined the Ka to the Body
    * Nekhbet Goddess of the Power of Kings
    * Neith Goddess of War and Funerals
    * Nephthys Lady of the Wings
    * Nun and Naunet Gods of Chaos and Water
    * Nut Goddess of the Firmament
    * The Ogdoad The Primordial Creation Gods
    * Onuris The War God
    * Osiris Lord of the Dead
    * Pakhet The Strength of Woman
    * Panebtawy - The Child God
    * Peteese and Pihor - Brother Gods
    * Ptah The Creator
    * Qadesh - Goddess of Esctasy and Sexual Pleasure
    * Re (Ra) The Sun God
    * Renenutet Goddess of the Harvest
    * Reshep - The Syrian War God
    * Sah and Sopdet (Sothis) The Astral God and Goddess
    * Satet Goddess of the Inundation
    * Satis Guardian of the Borders
    * Sebiumeker - Meroitic God of Procreation
    * Sefkhet-Abwy - Goddess of Writing and Temple Libraries
    * Seker The Resurrected Osiris
    * Sekhmet The Eye of Ra
    * Sepa - Centipede God
    * Serapis the Composit God
    * Serqet (Selkis) Scorpion Goddess
    * Seshat Goddess of writing, measurements
    * Set God of Evil
    * Shay - Personified Destiny
    * Shesmetet - Leonine Goddess
    * Shesmu Demon god of the Win Press
    * Shu God of the Air and Sky
    * Sia - The Perceptive Mind
    * Sobek Guard of the Gods
    * Sons of Horus Gods of the Viscera and the Canopic Jars
    * Sopedu - The Border Patrol God
    * Ta-Bitjet - A Wife of Horus
    * Tasenetnofret - The Good Sister
    * Taweret Goddess Demoness of Birth
    * Tayet - Goddess of Weaving
    * Tefnut Goddess of Moisture
    * Tatenen - "Father of Gods" and the God of the Rising Earth
    * Thoth God of Wisdom
    * Wadj Wer - The Pregnant God
    * Wadjet The Serpent Goddess
    * Weneg - Ancient Son of Re
    * Wepwawet (Upuaut) The Opener of the Ways
    * Wosret - Goddess of Thebes
    * Yah - Another Moon God
    * Yamm - God of the Sea
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