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January 26, 2021, 10:50:55 pm
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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE - MIGRATIONS FROM ATLANTIS  (Read 1072 times)
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............Some Atlanteans came directly to Egypt.  But others went first to what is now Spain or Portugal, paricularly the Pyrenees region.  This fact is mentioned in readings given ten years apart.

" Atlantean land when there was knowledge that there soon was to be the destruction of that land and there were attempts of individuals to leave the land.  Entity among those who went to Egypt. (708-1; Oct.25, 1934).

"....among Atlanteans who first came to Egypt, journeyed to what is now a portion of Portugal or the Pyrenees where some Atlanteans had set up temple activity, aided in decorations of temple." (1123-1; Feb.19, 1936)

" Atlantis when there was the breaking up of the land - among those that went to what is now the Spanish land; while many changed to the Egyptian land, the entity remained in Pyrenees and established those tenets and truths that aided much until hordes from the African land brought destruction to those people." (3541-1; Jan. 10, 1944) Atlantis at time of disputes when many sent to many lands, [the entity] a mathematician, came to Pyrenees, journeyed through the air, later came to Egypt."  (This reading mentions later that this person became famous as a builder of dams and buildings.  (2677-1; Jan. 27, 1942)

The final destruction of Atlantis, or the remaining islands, may have been sudden and violent, but evidently the people had warnings of what might happen.  Individual references in the Edgar Cayce life readings indicate an organized
exodus.  The survivors attempted to continue their way of life in their new homes, as we can see by the various occupations listed in readings referring to this period.

"....conducted people from Atlantis to Egypt previous to last destruction - worked
with adorning buildings with gems and precious stones." (955-1; July 20, 1935)

"....among those who journeyed from Atlantean land to Egypt, entity young at time, aided in development of mechanical appliances for cutting stone, etc."

"....came to Egypt from Pyrenees land, hence came with latter portion of those from Atlantean land." (1458-1)

" Egyptian land when there was the entering of those that sought aid or refu-
ge from turmoil arising in native land.  The entity among those that came from Atlantean land and aided in replenishing and rebuilding of the temple service, for entity was of household that followed Law of One."  (439-1; Nov. 13, 1933)

" Atlantean land when division arose with destruction coming upon the land, chose to go with groups going to Egypt, what would be known as a chemist, aided in making lands of the Nile more productive."  (1842-1; March 14, 1939)

In order to understand the extracts concerning this era, we should know something of what was happening in Egypt at this time.  Judging from material gathered from a number of individual and general life readings covering this period, it seems that from between 11,000 and 10,000BC a tribe from the Carpathian region invaded and conquered Egypt.  One of the leaders of this tribe was a priest named Ra-Ta.  Ra-Ta was Edgar Cayce (or Edgar Cayce was Ra-Ta, depending upon your point of view).  In Egypt Ra-Ta's religious teachings attracted a large following.  However, there was already political friction in Egypt and tension between the ruling classes and the native Egyptians.  Ra-Ta was caught up in this political intrigue, and after a native rebellion, he was banished for nine years to what is now Abyssinia. 
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