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January 23, 2021, 06:26:13 am
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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE - MIGRATIONS FROM ATLANTIS  (Read 1071 times)
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« on: September 10, 2007, 11:58:05 am »

Alfred Kidder, another prominent archaeologist, said that earlier, fundamental aspects of the origin of the Maya are still lost in antiquity.  He noted that the belief in a bearded white culture hero - Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs, Kukulkan of the Maya,
Bochica of the Chibcha of Columbia and probably also Viracocha of the Peruvian Indians - is a widespread conception, but its origin is impossible to assign to any area.  Donnelly had used this white hero/god as evidence for Atlantis, but that was not the accepted explanation either in Cayce's time or now.

If Cayce had intended to support Donnelly's theories, he wasn't even close to the
accepted time frame in his day. 

How has our knowledge of the Maya changed since Cayce's time?  Have scientific discoveries made the readings' story more or less likely?  Once again, modern methods of dating, combined with extensive excavation, have revealed much about the history of the Maya.  In this case, there is little to confirm Cayce directly, since only a few potentially very ancient sites like Hueyatlaco have been found.  The readings refer to a period of time long before the major Maya monuments that excite the fantasies of the public.  Yet, what the readings do say is at least not inconsistent with the findings of archaeology.

Gordon Willey, in a chapter in SOCIAL PROGRESS IN MAYA HISTORY in 1977 discussed the progress in Maya archaeology since 1940.  By 1977, the earliest date for early pre-classic Maya had been pushed back to about 2000 BC.  The first construction of large ceremonial centers began after 300BC.  The classic civilization
flowered between AD 300 and 900.  By the time the Spaniards arrived with Cortes in 1541, the Maya had been long in decline.  A more recent article by Willey, published in SCIENCE in 1982, cites evidence gathered by Richard MacNeish for even earlier pre-Mayan inhabitants going back to 9000BC.  It is no longer thought that the Maya appeared full-blown.  Furthermore, this evidence was found in Belize, formerly Bristish Honduras, a location on the south side of the Yucatan Peninsula, specifically given in reading no.364-3, in 1932.  Although there was substantial migration in and out of the area, the pre-Maya can now be traced back almost to the time given by Cayce.

We can find further evidence of consistency in the Cayce time frame in his description of the climate:  "Rather than being a tropical area it was more of the temperate...." (no.5750-1, November 12, 1933.)  Our knowledge of the climates in the area in 10,000BC confirms this statement.  The glaciers were still melting and all of North America was substantially colder than it is now.
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