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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE - MIGRATIONS FROM ATLANTIS  (Read 1071 times)
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« on: September 10, 2007, 11:56:41 am »


Forty one Cayce readings mention the Yucatan area of Central America, most in connection with migrations from Atlantis.  When asked to give a historical treatise on the origin and development of the Maya civilization, Cayce responded, "Yes.  In giving a record of the civilization in this particular portion of the world, is should be remembered that more than one has been and will be found as research progressess....we would turn back to 10,600 years before the Prince of Peace came into the land of promise."  (no.5751-1, November 12, 1933.)  The reading continues with a description of the beginnings of a civilization in Yucatan, which was event-
tually to become the Maya civilization. 

Still other readings mention the Yucatan.  "....the entity was in the land now known as or called the Poseidian land, or Atlantean land, during those periods in which it was braking up and then the children of the Law of One (to which the entity was enjoined) journeyed from the land into portions of what is the Yucatan land". 
(no.1599-1, May 29, 1938).

Thus the Cayce readings discuss, not the Maya as they eventually developed, but their pre-Maya origins in 10,600BC.  Did the readings make sense according to Maya archaeology in Cayce's time?  By the 1930s, Maya archaeology had made major progress since the mid-1800s, despite the continuing popularity of books like Donnelly's.  Explorers had ncovered much of Maya civilization, including the three "books" that survived the Spanish, lofty pyramids, huge monuments and courts used for ball games similar to basketball.

LePlongeon's translation of the Mayan book called the TROANO CODEX, alleging Mu-
the "evidence" for Donnelly and Churchward stories - was throughly discredited,
and about one-third of the symbols of Mayan writing would be read.  Sylvanus Morley, a noted Mayan language expert, wrote in 1940 that two archaeologists,
Ernst Forstemann and G.T. Goodman, had independently proved conclusively by
1900 that the DRESDEN CODEX was an astrological treatise based on the sun, moon and Venus.  There was clearly no resemblance of the Mayan language to Greek, as Donnelly had stated.

In Cayce's time, the foundations from which the Maya sprang were still obscure.
Archaeologist A.L. Krober summarized the state of Maya archaeology in 1940, based
upon evidence collected at the time Cayce was giving his readings:

"It is now generally accepted that wherever we have been able to work out continuous archaeological sequences, as in parts of Mexico and our own Southwest, these carry us back about 2000 years but no more.  The older views which placed the first discovered stages in the second millennium BC, or even earlier, seem no longer able to withstand criticism.  In Peru also, though an absolute chronology is still altogether lacking, conservative estimates incline to see the whole course of known development as having taken place since the beginning of the Christian era."  (THE MAYA AND THEIR NEIGHBORS).
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