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May 27, 2020, 01:05:58 am
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EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings

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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings  (Read 513 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 09, 2007, 02:59:01 pm »

To quote Hugh Lynn Cayce again:

Very early in Atlantean history two factions arose that were deeply split over the issue of how to treat these souls that had become so entangled in matter.  The readings coined the terms of "sons of the law of one" and "sons of Belial". The sons of the law of one were those who believed the soul was a gift from God and strove to keep the race pure,free from animal characteristics and appendages. They wanted to aid those deeply entangled in the physical world and help them regain their positions as creatures of God.  The sons of Belial were those without standard
or morality and believed in gratification of the senses without respect to others.  They looked down on these entangled souls as "things" to be treated as slaves or machines.

These "things," or souls who had pushed into matter without the consideration or ability of self-control, had become controlled by others and dependent upon others for direction and sustenance, much like slaves or house pets.

Such a state is exemplified by the following quote: "....a priest who ministered to
the physical needs of the people.  Thus those who were in that stage of development or awareness in which their minds and bodies only worked for others or performed the manual activities were of special interest to the entity; in attempt-
ing to use the spiritual forces to awaken the consciousness of those individuals to the point that they could raise themselves from those positions to that of greater
relationship to the universal consciousness." (no.2246-1, June 11, 1941.)

It is important to understand how people developed in Atlantis and to recognize the two factions that arose as a result.  Individuals representing these two factions - the followers of the Law of One and the followers of Belial - warred with
each other throughout their lifetimes.  Many of these struggles must have gone on
over long periods of time because some readings indicate that to live 500 to 700 years then was no more than to live 50 to 70 years today.  Cayce seems to be echoing the fifth chapter of Genesis in which a number of men, including Methusela,
are reported to have lived very long lives.

According to Cayce, the people were extremists.  Their talents properly used led to great advances spiritually and materially; but when misused they led to just as
great regression spiritually and to self-gratification and strife physically. 

Ever since that ancient time, people have been faced with choosing to develop an unselfish nature that longs for a return to a spiritual relationship with God; or succumbing to the selfish side that urges self-gratification, even at the expense of others and maintains that the physical is all there is.  It is not too difficult to draw a
parallel between conditions then and conditions now: Consider the differences
between rich and poor nations of the earth; look at the race relations in South Africa and even in our own country.

The major problems facing the world today - our relationship to God and our relationship to each other - are not new.  In Atlantis, these problems led to strife
among the inhabitants of the land an finally to the distruction of the land itself.



Edgar Evans Cayce (Son of E.C.)

Virginia Beach, Virginia
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