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EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings

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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings  (Read 516 times)
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Edgar Evans Cayce (E.C.'s Son)

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The number of human souls then in the earth plane being 133,000,000..............
The period in the world's existence from the present time being 10,500,000 years
ago.  When man came in the earth plane as lord of that in that sphere, man appeared in five places then at once - the five senses, the five reasons, the five
spheres, the five developments, the five nations.  (no. 5748-2, May 28, 1925)

Sixty years ago, (this was written in 1988 - B2001), human history was measured in
thousands of years.  To suggest that human beings, or even humanoid creatures, lived 10 million years ago brought scornful laughter.  Since then, thinking has changed .  New discoveries have rolled back the dawn of humankind millions of years into the past.  In a later chapter, we will examine these discoveries in more
detail and compare them with specific statements in the Cayce readings.  For now, it is sufficient to note that recent scientific discoveries, rather than typically disproving the readings, often tend to render them more probable.

WERE THESE"PEOPLE" AS WE THINK OF THEM NOW?  The Cayce scenario of 10 million years ago was far from the accepted scientific opinion in his time, but is a mild heresy compared to his readings that describe humanity's arrival on earth.
Cayce spoke first of projections by "thought forms" rather than physical beings:
"When there were those developments wherein individuals were able to bring into
being that as would be called in the present through thought"   (no2906-1, September 19, 1931).  ".......Understanding much as to the changes that were wrought through the changing from the thought form to the various associations
with the material things of that period" (no. 268-3, February 15, 1933).

Very few life readings refer specifically to incarnations in this ancient period.  Of the
few that do, the remarks are strange indeed.  One reading states, "..........the entity
was in the Atlantean land and in those periods before Adam was in the earth.  The
entity was among those who were then thought projections, and the physical
being had the union of sex in one body..." (no 5056-1, May 6, 1944).

What do these statements mean?  What is a thought form?  Was not Adam the first man, according to the Bible?

Probably the best way to explain what the readings are talking about is to quote
from a pamphlet originally compiled by Hugh Lynn Cayce in 1935. (Hugh Lynn was
E.C.'s older son - B.2001).   THE COMING OF MAN was based on the no.364 series of readings, the only readings given by Edgar Cayce directly in response to a re-
quest for a lecture on Atlantis. 

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