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EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings

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Author Topic: EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Atlantis - From The Readings  (Read 516 times)
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    Re: Edgar Cayce's ATLANTIS
Reply #20 on: February 24, 2007, 11:17:04 pm Quote 

Bianca & Unknown,

Check this out.

This guy claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  They do look similar you have to admit!


"Edgar Cayce is back. His name is David Wilcock. This book threatens to shake the metaphysical world.!!!" - Suzette Myers, Publisher, The Light

"This book may be the most important work in contemporary spirituality as it explains how to maintain one's connection to divinity on a planet in transition!!!" - Reverend Beverly Craig, Sr. Minister, La Cresenta Church of Religous Science

Story Overview: Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945, has the reputation of
being the western world's most famous and documented psychic/prophet.He left a
legacy of 15,000 readings and since his death, 500 books have been written about
him, on such diverse topics as alternative health, past lives, and future prophecy.

The life circumstances of 31 year old kentucky resident, David Wilcock, have led him
to believe he is the reincarnation of Cayce. In 1996 Wilcock started recording his
dreams and upon waking up and reviewing the notepad by his bed, he found a series
of sentences, giving him advice, instead of dreams. Eventually the sentences would
make predictions of events in Wilcock's future and happenings in the world.

After a year of ongoing dialogue, Wilcock's dream voice requested that he move to
Virginia Beach, the home of the Edgar Cayce foundation. Having an interest in
spiritual phenomena since his childhood, Wilcock visited the institute and upon
passing through the front door, he found everyone in the room intensely stareing at
him.. It turns out he was the spitting image of a young Edgar Cayce.

Wilcock immediately went home and asked his dream voice why he looked like Edgar
Cayce. The answer - He was. But this lifetime, his highest mission was different from
Cayce's. Where Cayce spent his life doing past life readings, health readings, and
prophecy, Wilcock was asked to explain a dimensional shift planet earth is in the
midst of, the end of a 75,000 year cycle.

He immediately began a study of Cayce, and to his amazement, he learned Cayce
predicted that he would return in 1998 and live in Virginia Beach. It was November of
1997 that Wilcock was told he was Cayce. His dream voice guided him to Virginia
Beach to make sure he fulfilled the prophecy.

Then he found that he was born on the one day of 127 years where hisastrological
planetary configurations exactly matched Cayce's, with odds of 300,000 to one.

Los Angeles, poet, songwriter, metaphysical journalist, Wynn Free, is the principal
author of a book about the Wilcock/Cayce connection, entitled The Reincarnation of
Edgar Cayce which has become one of his publisher's top 10 best selling books.
Famous 60's spoon bender, Uri Geller, after studying the case, has allowed his own
endorsement to be used on the cover of the book.

What might be the benefit of the book to you?

If you have been a student of the Edgar Cayce material - It will fulfill the desire for
continuity. Part One of the book examines with a fine tooth comb all the parallels
between Cayce and Wilcock and most readers believe the case is made.

If you have doubts about your immortality - The book explains the manner in which
soul evolution takes place with new information never before presented to the public
and backed up by current scientific research. There is no requirement for faith or
religous conviction although it gives credible back up for the religous doctrines
which formerly required a leap of faith.

If you wonder what's going on in the world from a celestial perspective - The book
presents the verbatim words from a group oversoul who is dedicated to helping the
inhabitants of planet earth evolve. Most readers are finding wisdom, solace, and
guidance through this present catalytic period which mankind is passing.

If you are concerned about earth changes and that we are in the end times - The
book explains in great detail the significance of Jesus's prophecies regarding our
present period. It ties together the Mayan calander end date of 2012, the Hindu
predictions of Kali Yuga, and more. It gives the updates on Cayce's inundation
prophecies and gives the approximate periods for major earth changes.

If you want to make your own direct connection with the other side - The book tells
you how, with the explicit directions from the celestial source speaking through
Wilcock, who, by implication, also spoke through Cayce. Many readers have
experienced an enhanced awareness of their own higher selves, accompanied by
synchronicities and/or phenomena in the physical realm after reading the book.

"Some of the most lucid and loving spiritual advice/wisdom I have ever read"
- anon reader

"...based on what she read ... She said she knew the power of the book, without a
whisper of a doubt, and that all was well in all the universes." - review, Good Works
on Earth

"This book by Wynn Free is about David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce and his return, it
is about our Oneness, it is a book that will arrive in your hands with magics
accompanying its very arrival." - Good Works on Earth 
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