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News: 'Modern' Behavior Began 40,000 Years Ago In Africa, Evidence Suggests
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1  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFOs in the Media / Re: British UFO Files Reveal Shocking Sightings And Hoaxes From 1950 To Present on: March 03, 2011, 01:23:05 pm
2  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFOs in the Media / British UFO Files Reveal Shocking Sightings And Hoaxes From 1950 To Present on: March 03, 2011, 01:22:10 pm
British UFO Files Reveal Shocking Sightings And Hoaxes From 1950 To Present  
First Posted: 03/ 3/11 01:11 PM Updated: 03/ 3/11 01:51 PM

Among many other shocking disclosures, a series of 8,500 documents released by the British National Archives have revealed that many Brits feared a devastating alien invasion back in 1967.

As Reuters is reporting, the 35 previously classified files -- available online -- mainly cover the period from 1997 to 2005. Included are photographs, sketches and detailed accounts of flying saucer sightings, along with correspondence between the U.K. Ministry of Defense and witnesses.

"It was a large cigar-shaped vehicle with big projectiles on each side like wings," one man details in a 1998 account. "It seemed to have two very bright lights at the front and a white light flashing round and round underneath. ... As you can imagine, I felt quite shaken."

As the Independent reports, the extra-terrestrial files are a testament to how the massive global phenomenon was discussed at the highest level of government and security services worldwide. Also among the more prominent revelations are messages from the British Government to the Prime Minister of Grenada to response to that nation's attempts to sponsor a debate on UFOs at the United Nations in 1977-78, CBS reports.

The documents also reportedly detail how the government began making official inquiries into UFOs starting in 1950, following a series of reported sightings. The Ministry of Defense even set up a secret working group called the "Flying Saucer Working Party" to monitor the sightings, though the organization remained secret until 1988 when correspondence between Winston Churchill and the Air Ministry was revealed.

Other materials, however, suggest that the UFO craze has receded as of late, with sightings having dropped from a peak of 609 in 1996-97 to a measly 130 per year between 2001 and 2006. British defense officials are also reported to have discredited claims made by author Philip Corso in the popular 1997 book The Day After Roswell, noting that the retired U.S. colonel was not a reliable source of information.

3  Politics / the Barack Obama Administration / Re: Obama fires up supporters at University of Wisconsin-Madison rally on: September 29, 2010, 11:50:18 am
4  Politics / the Barack Obama Administration / Re: Obama fires up supporters at University of Wisconsin-Madison rally on: September 29, 2010, 11:42:05 am

5  Politics / the Barack Obama Administration / Obama fires up supporters at University of Wisconsin-Madison rally on: September 29, 2010, 11:40:20 am
Obama fires up supporters at University of Wisconsin-Madison rally

President Barack Obama enters the stage area for a rally at Library Mall, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010. Mike DeVries - The Capital Times

President Barack Obama served as the closing act Tuesday for a rock-n-roll, fire-up-the-troops extravaganza on the UW-Madison campus — a giant rally meant to recapture the excitement of the campaign trail and bridge the so-called "enthusiasm gap" among younger, Democratic voters.

Obama took the stage at Library Mall to a raucous crowd, following a performance by musician Ben Harper and a series of speeches by the state's major Democratic candidates. From the outset, the president made it clear why he was in Madison, and on campus, at this moment.

"The biggest mistake we can make right now is to let disappointment lead to apathy," Obama said. "I am promising you Wisconsin, change is going to come. You got to stick with me. You can't lose hope."

Recent polls have shown that while Democrats remain as popular — or as unpopular — as Republicans nationwide, the GOP has nearly a 2-to-1 lead in the number of likely voters. That math could equal record losses at the polls Nov. 2 if the tide is not turned in the next five weeks.

In a statement after the rally, Republican Party of Wisconsin chairman Reince Priebus said the problems of the country are deeper than any speech can solve.

"While Democrats all across the country might have been watching the speech and deciding whether or not to get fired up, Republicans and independents all across our state have been energized to make a real change for months now," Priebus said.

According to UW-Madison Police, more than 26,500 people showed up for the rally, making it Obama's largest since the campaign. Most packed into the mall on what turned into a crisp fall night, standing shoulder-to-shoulder from Memorial Library to Park Street, while others spilled up Bascom Hill.

They held signs that read "Moving America Forward," while every so often someone would yell out, "Obama, we love you."

Emily Lawless, a UW-Madison junior from Lakeville, Minn., waited in line five and a half hours for the chance to see the president live.

"You're not going to remember your accounting class when you're 40, but you'll definitely remember this," she said.

Enthusiastic, but will they vote?

But the thrill of seeing the president doesn't necessarily translate into supporting Democratic candidates during a midterm election. Even Lawless admitted she would likely not vote. "It's too much work with the absentee ballot," she said.

Most experts agree the Democratic drop-off has come from the liberal, typically younger, wing of the party, which seems disillusioned with the leaders those voters helped put into office.

Obama, perhaps more than any other national politician in recent memory, benefitted from his connection to younger voters. And while the president has racked up an impressive number of legislative accomplishments, many feel he has stopped short on several of his promises.

Some feel the party caved to GOP pressure and delivered watered-down versions of both health care and Wall Street reform. And they believe Obama and the party has failed to keep its promises on repealing "Don't Ask, Dont Tell," ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and enacting effective immigration reform.

"The enthusiasm gap is real," said Rodd Freitag, UW-Eau Claire political science professor. "I think younger voters may be experiencing the frustrations of seeing our political system at work, of not getting everything you want immediately. The euphoria has gone away."

Risk to Democrats real

The national sentiment has reached Wisconsin, where Democrats are fighting to hold onto control of the governor's office, a U.S. Senate seat, several congressional seats, and both houses of the state Legislature in this fall's midterm elections.

Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, an 18-year veteran with a reputation for independence, is also struggling to overcome the state's dissatisfaction with Washington.

Three of the four most recent polls show him trailing Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson by large margins, the biggest a double-digit lead for the Republican nominee and political newcomer.

The senator was originally scheduled to be in Washington Tuesday but announced his arrival at the rally via Twitter less than an hour before kickoff.

Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lags in polls behind Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, the Republican candidate, in the race for governor.

Barrett introduced the president Tuesday. He revved the crowd up by addressing the issue that brought Obama to Madison.

"So (Republicans are) betting you're not going to vote," he said. "They're betting you're going to stay home. That's what they're betting on, that people will forget who drove us to the edge of a depression."

Nation in ‘deep hole'

Wisconsin is clearly important to Obama. He has become a regular visitor to the state this year, with stops in Racine, Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee.

His appearance at UW-Madison is one of four major rallies planned leading up to the Nov. 2 election, including events in Philadelphia on Oct 10, Ohio on Oct. 17, and Las Vegas on Oct. 22.

During his fiery 40-minute speech, the president made it clear he understood that some people feel he is moving too slowly, but he preached patience.

"The hole we are climbing out of is a deep one," he said. "Now is not the time to give up."

Dana Brinkmann, 28, attended the rally. Like many young voters, she hadn't given much thought to the midterms. But following Obama's speech, she changed her mind.

"It's funny how moved I am," she said. "I'm absolutely going to vote, and if I didn't come here, I wouldn't."

Freitag said it's not too late for the president to turn the Democrats' momentum around.

"I think he is uniquely qualified to generate that kind of enthusiasm," he said. "It won't turn the midterm into a rousing endorsement of the Democratic Party, but he can turn a few races."

Posted in Elections, Elections on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 5:45 am Updated: 10:44 am. Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, Democratic Party, Fall 2010 Election, Tom Barrett, Enthusiasm Gap, Election, Campaign, Politics

6  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:07:23 pm

Location of Aurora, near Dallas, Texas

The 1986 movie The Aurora Encounter is based in part on this event
7  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:06:25 pm
UFO Hunters investigation
On November 19, 2008, UFO Hunters first aired another television documentary regarding the Aurora incident, titled "First Contact".

The documentary featured one notable change from the UFO Files story – Tim Oates, nephew of Brawley Oates and the now-owner of the property with the sealed well where the UFO wreckage was purportedly buried, allowed the investigators to unseal the well, in order to examine it for possible debris. Water was taken from the well which tested normal except for large amounts of aluminum present; the well had no significant contents. It was stated in the episode that any large pieces of metal had been removed from the well by a past owner of the property. Further, the remains of a windmill base were found near the well site, which refuted Ms. Pegues' statements (from the 1979 Time magazine article) that Judge Proctor never had a windmill on his property.

In addition, the Aurora Cemetery was again examined. Although the cemetery association still did not permit exhumation, using ground-penetrating radar and photos from prior visits, an unmarked grave was found in the area near other 1890's graves.[7][8] However, the condition of the grave was badly deteriorated, and the radar could not conclusively prove what type of remains existed.

8  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:06:03 pm
MUFON then investigated the Aurora Cemetery, and uncovered a grave marker that appeared to show a flying saucer of some sort, as well as readings from its metal detector. MUFON asked for permission to exhume the site, but the cemetery association declined permission. After the MUFON investigation, the marker mysteriously disappeared from the cemetery and a three-inch pipe was placed into the ground; MUFON's metal detector no longer picked up metal readings from the grave, thus it was presumed that the metal was removed from the grave.

MUFON's report eventually stated that the evidence was inconclusive, but did not rule out the possibility of a hoax. The episode featured an interview with Mayor Brammer who discussed the town's tragic history.

9  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:05:47 pm
UFO Files investigation

On December 2, 2005, UFO Files first aired an episode related to this incident, titled "Texas' Roswell". The episode featured a 1973 investigation led by Bill Case, an aviation writer for the Dallas Times Herald[6] and the Texas state director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

MUFON uncovered two new eyewitnesses to the crash. Mary Evans, who was 15 at the time, told of how her parents went to the crash site (they forbade her from going) and the discovery of the alien body. Charlie Stephens, who was age 10, told how he saw the airship trailing smoke as it headed north toward Aurora. He wanted to see what happened, but his father made him finish his chores; later, he told how his father went to town the next day and saw wreckage from the crash.

MUFON's investigation uncovered a piece of metal, reportedly from the wreckage, that upon further analysis was revealed to be composed of 95% aluminum and 5% iron, with no traces of zinc.[1] This alloy is very uncommon in nature (and the lack of zinc, normally present with iron, even more uncommon), and combined with other analysis which stated that the metal was air-cooled on the ground, led to the assertion raised in MUFON's report that, given the presumption that it originated in 1897, the sample could not be of terrestrial nature. However, MUFON's report does not discount the explanation that the sample was simply left there at some point during the last century; as discussed in the episode, analyses performed on other purported pieces revealed iron-zinc alloys common to farms such as those around Aurora. Furthermore, Oates declined to allow MUFON to uncover the well.

10  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:05:23 pm
The incident has been investigated on numerous occasions. Two of these investigations were aired on cable television.
11  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:04:51 pm
Hoax theory

The hoax theory is primarily based on historical research performed by Barbara Brammer, a former mayor of Aurora. Her research (featured as part of the UFO Files episode on the incident) revealed that, in the months prior to the alleged crash, Aurora had been beset by a series of tragic incidents. First, the local cotton crop (the major source of town revenue) was destroyed by a boll weevil infestation. Second, a fire on the town's west side claimed several buildings and lives. Shortly after the fire, a spotted fever epidemic hit the town, nearly wiping out the remaining citizens and placing the town under quarantine. Finally, a planned railroad got within 27 miles of Aurora, but never made it into the town. Essentially, Aurora (which claimed nearly 3,000 residents at the time) was in serious danger of dying out; Brammer's research also showed that Haydon was known in the town to be a bit of a jokester, and her conclusion is that Haydon's article was a last-ditch attempt to keep Aurora alive.

The theory was further supported by the fact that Haydon never performed any sort of follow-up on the story, not even to report on the alien's burial, which is highly unusual given the significance of the event.

Further, in 1979 Time magazine interviewed Etta Pegues who claimed that Haydon had fabricated the entire story, stating that Haydon "wrote it as a joke and to bring interest to Aurora. The railroad bypassed us, and the town was dying."[3]

Pegues further claimed that Judge Proctor never operated a windmill on his property, a statement later refuted as part of the UFO Hunters episode
12  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:04:11 pm

13  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:03:01 pm
The incident as reported

During the 1896-1897 timeframe (some 6–7 years before the Wright Brothers' first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped flying machine were reported across the United States.

One of these accounts appeared in the April 19, 1897 edition of the Dallas Morning News. Written by Aurora resident S.E. Haydon[2], the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of a Judge J.S. Proctor two days earlier at around 6am local (Central) time[3], resulting in its crash. The pilot (who was reported to be "not of this world", and a "Martian" according to a purported Army officer from nearby Fort Worth)[4] did not survive the crash, and was buried "with Christian rites" at the nearby Aurora Cemetery. (The cemetery contains a Texas Historical Commission marker mentioning the incident.[5])

Purportedly, wreckage from the crash site was dumped into a nearby well located under the damaged windmill, while some ended up with the alien in the grave. Adding to the mystery was the story of Mr. Brawley Oates, who purchased Judge Proctor's property around 1945. Oates cleaned out the debris from the well in order to use it as a water source, but later developed an extremely severe case of arthritis, which he claimed to be the result of contaminated water from the wreckage dumped into the well. Thus, Oates sealed up the well with a concrete slab and placed an outbuilding atop the slab (according to writing on the slab, this was done in 1957).

14  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Re: Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:02:26 pm

A Texas Historical Commission marker outside the Aurora Cemetery, alleged burial site of the UFO pilot, which briefly mentions the incident.
15  UFOs, Aliens & Future Science / UFO's / Aurora, Texas UFO Incident on: June 15, 2010, 03:01:27 pm
Aurora, Texas UFO Incident

The Aurora UFO Incident is a UFO incident that reportedly occurred on April 17, 1897 in Aurora, Texas, a small town in the northwest corner of the DFW Metroplex.[1] The incident (similar to the more famous Roswell UFO Incident 50 years later) reportedly resulted in a fatality from the crash; however, unlike Roswell, the government did not allegedly engage in any coverup, and the alien body is reportedly buried in an unmarked grave at the local cemetery.
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