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16  Media & Film / Documentary / Naomi Klein: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism on: June 04, 2010, 01:25:23 pm
Get the DVD with Naomi Klein: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
A DVD Interview and Narrative with Naomi Klein's Review (excerpt)

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Buy more progressive premiums to support BuzzFlash progressive news and commentary (we accept no advertising, corporate or otherwise to maintain our complete independence)by going to The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace.
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17  General Category / Sports / John Wall compares self to Derrick Rose on: May 21, 2010, 11:18:17 am
John Wall compares self to Derrick Rose
Presumptive No. 1 pick in NBA draft has a lot in common with Bulls star
John Wall at predraft camp in Chicago. (Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press / May 20, 2010)

 Derrick Rose in action
NBA predraft camp updates
76ers agree to terms with ex-Bulls coach Collins
McNabb wants LeBron on Bulls
 Bears' Urlacher on LeBron: 'He would own Chicago'
How long will it take for Lakers, Celtics to move on?
Ohio State University
Evan Turner
See more topics »
XDerrick Rose
California State University, Fresno
LeBron James
Joe Johnson
Chicago Bulls
James Anderson By K.C. Johnson, Tribune reporter
6:56 p.m. CDT, May 20, 2010
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John Wall and Derrick Rose share a common college coach and a common NBA ear from the most sought-after free agent in league history.

And, no, that doesn't mean John Calipari is coming to coach the Bulls and bringing LeBron James with him.

What it means is Wall, the presumptive No. 1 pick of the Wizards in the June 24 NBA draft, has some pretty high-profile friends on which he can lean.

"I talk to (Rose) and LeBron a lot," Wall said Thursday at the NBA's annual predraft camp. "They both had a lot of hype coming into the league. Derrick's a great player and person. I asked him for some advice because he's been through the same stuff I have. We have a good relationship."

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Like Rose's one year playing for Calipari at Memphis, Wall credited his one year with Calipari at Kentucky for preparing him to know what to expect as a point guard in the NBA.

"Everybody keeps trying to compare me to Derrick," Wall said. "We play similar with our speed. That's a great comparison. He's a great player, an All-Star. Why wouldn't you want to be compared to a player like that? But I also want my own identity."

What advice has Rose given Wall?

"You have to work hard," Wall said. "And you can't let stuff get to your head. You're going to hear both positive and negative. Whatever is negative, you have to work on. You can tell Derrick puts in the work in the gym to get better."

Bombs away: If the Bulls don't acquire Joe Johnson via free agency, perhaps they can draft him. Coincidentally, Kansas freshman Xavier Henry, Fresno State sophomore Paul George and Oklahoma State junior James Anderson all compared their games to Johnson's.

All three players participated in a spirited draft workout Sunday at Berto Center. The Bulls pick 17th.

"I'm a versatile player," said George, whose stock is rising. "That's what separates me from the other prospects."

Local flavor: Ohio State's Evan Turner, who said he makes 550 3-pointers daily, plans to work out for the Wizards. And while praising Wall, the St. Joseph product said he believes he still can be the top pick.

"Not to be arrogant or cocky, but I won every National Player of the Year award," Turner said. "That gives me inner confidence. I think I can help any team."

As for Notre Dame's Luke Harangody, he has no regrets about returning for his senior season after testing the NBA draft waters last year.

"I'm a better leader and feel older, more confident," Harangody said. "I have a chip on my shoulder this time."

Layups: Several executives called the Bulls' coaching job the league's best vacancy. … George offered a great line when asked if, during his interview with Bulls brass, he promised to deliver James during free agency. "He'd probably take all my minutes," George said. "But we'd be winning, so I'd be cool with that."

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Copyright © 2010, Chicago Tribune

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I doubt there is one person whose opinion matters that has said Wall is better than Rose.

CAN71 (05/21/2010, 10:37 AM )

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adlkfjlwewe (05/20/2010, 10:46 PM )

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Can we all just wait for Wall to play at least ONE game in the NBA before annoiting he better than Rose? Come on people, he was great in COLLEGE! If that transfer over to the NBA, then you can start with all the accolades. Derrick Rose is a proven player and is an ALL-STAR. Those are facts. But now people are saying Wall is better? Based on what? He has not even played ONE game in the NBA yet???!!!

primerguy (05/20/2010, 10:21 PM )

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18  General Category / Sports / Martz, Cutler eager to get show going on: May 21, 2010, 11:17:12 am
Martz, Cutler eager to get show going
Warner: O-coordinator is flexible

May 21, 2010

BY SEAN JENSEN Staff Reporter
Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz and quarterback Jay Cutler are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, learning each other's inclinations and intricacies.

They've already pored over hours of film together, but they'll be taking an important step during the three-day minicamp, which opens today at Halas Hall, because the entire offense will be on the field, not on a whiteboard or computer.

» Click to enlarge image
Kurt Warner won a Super Bowl with Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz running the St. Louis offense.

(AP file)


Bears minicamp thoughts

For the record, Olsen doesn't want to be traded
Inside the Bears: News, notes and updates
The widespread assumption is Martz will try to duplicate the St. Louis Rams' ''Greatest Show on Turf,'' but two-time league MVP Kurt Warner said Martz won't simply impose his will on Cutler.

''I always say that quarterbacks have to see the game, see the offense the way it's designed to be seen,'' Warner said immediately after Martz was hired Feb. 1. ''If you don't, then it's a tough mix.

''There can be a particular play that you could show me and Peyton Manning and Matt Hasselbeck. And, for me, it might be, 'Oh, I got this. That's an easy read.' Then you go to Peyton, and he says, 'I kind of see what we're going for.' And you go to Matt, and he says, 'I'm not seeing it.' Then you take another play, and it's the exact opposite. That's what I think this game is all about. The ability to have an offense that fits the way the quarterback sees the game.''

That was a point Martz stressed in 1999, when Warner replaced an injured Trent Green as the Rams' starting quarterback.

''We had so many plays,'' Warner said. ''He said, 'If there's anything you don't like, tell me.' If I didn't see it the right way, I'd say, 'Throw that one out,' and he'd say, 'OK.'''

The coordinator and quarterback have to be on the same page, Warner said.

''If you don't see the game the way they see the game,'' Warner said, ''it's not a good match. If it doesn't play into your skills, it's like playing catch-up because you're trying to do something that you're not fully comfortable in.''

At first, Warner was frustrated, especially because Martz was constantly yelling and screaming.

But he trusted the process and slowly recognized the benefits, which heightened his passion to learn more from Martz.

''As we created things together, and he created things, I understood it,'' Warner said. ''It always played into the way I saw the game.

''Can the quarterback see the game the way you're trying to teach it? If so, and he's got the skills and ability, there's greatness there.''

Cutler said earlier this week that he can see the ''potential'' of Martz's offense. More important, Cutler and Martz have worked through some concerns.

''We got everything kind of hashed out because I had some issues with the timing offense and not being able to see things,'' Cutler said. ''It was a little bit of give-and-take. It's been really interesting working with him, a lot of fun.''

Martz said at the rookie minicamp that he has tried to avoid spending too much time looking at Cutler's old film.

''I don't want to analyze how he did things in the past,'' he said. '''Here's what we do, let's see if we can adapt to it, tempo and reads and how we do things.' He's been terrific on all that stuff.''

Jon Kitna dismissed Martz's reputation for being too demanding on his quarterbacks.

''Isn't that what we want as players?'' said Kitna, who played for Martz in Detroit. ''He is demanding. He understands the difference between a half-yard and a yard is astronomical because that's how complex the game is at this level.''

Kitna, who projected Cutler to be a top-five quarterback under Martz, added that Cutler will have even more on his plate now than he did under Mike Shanahan.

''It'll be a lot more complex,'' Kitna said, ''but there's nothing like coming to work and how he's going to challenge you, week in and week out. You begin to understand the system, how that really just dominates the other team's thinking.''

The Bears have spent weeks learning Martz's offense, but they're eager to put it into practice.

''It's a great offense,'' tight end Greg Olsen said. ''There's a lot of interesting details that make it very successful.

''I think this weekend will go a long way toward strengthening it, to go full speed and do it in a competitive environment.''

NOTE: The Bears have signed rookie quarterback Dan LeFevour, their sixth-round draft pick, to a four-year contract. Terms were not disclosed Thursday.
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  mrken wrote:
I am looking forward to seeing this new offense in action. Let's see if after all of this rhetoric that they can put it together on the field on game days when it counts. Anything would be an improvement over the predictable offensive game plans we have seen for several years. I have always said that if I can predict what play is going to be called then the opponents defense can smell it coming a mile away, and they have!
5/21/2010 8:56 AM CDT on
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  holy hog nuts wrote:
Tell Brian U to keep his pie hole shut and get on the field and earn his money. He had a bobo on his finger --- to bad. he couldn't carry Sayers jock strap. Butkus played on one knee and poor Brian had a bobo WHAT AN A-- ! Have another kid that will tell you what life is about in a couple of years.
5/21/2010 8:38 AM CDT on
Recommend  Report Abuse 
  chicago paul wrote:
other bears wrote:
Is that the beginnings of a neck-beard I'm seeing on Cutler? God, let it be so!"

Maybe, he is a Blackhawks fan?
5/21/2010 8:05 AM CDT on
Recommend  Report Abuse 
  chicago paul wrote:
When Olsen learns learns to block, he will fit in.

He has mastered the art of @ss kissing already.

He is way ahead of the curve.

Did they add a rear view mirror for his helmet yet, so he can see the defensive linemen catching him from behind?
5/21/2010 8:04 AM CDT on
Recommend  Report Abuse 
  ugodog wrote:
Did you know the McCaskey's were in the XFILES? title In-breeds in Charge
5/21/2010 7:57 AM CDT on
Recommend  Report Abuse 
  other bears wrote:
Is that the beginnings of a neck-beard I'm seeing on Cutler? God, let it be so!
5/21/2010 7:12 AM CDT on
19  General Category / Sports / Bears expect hot competition at receiver on: May 21, 2010, 11:15:57 am
Bears expect hot competition at receiver
Devin Aromashodu and Devin Hester. (Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune / December 17, 2009)

Dan Pompei

Which Bears storyline is the biggest question mark?
Aside from the battle at wide receiver, here are five storylines worth watching at minicamp. Which is the biggest question mark for you?

How comfortable is Jay Cutler in the new playbook?
How are things shaking out in the secondary?
How will Chester Taylor fit into the backfield with Matt Forte?
Too many tight ends -- how will it play out?
Can left guard Shaffer play with the leverage needed on the interior?
Five Bears storylines to watch at this weekend's minicamp
Ditka on the side of Sayers in rift with Urlacher
 Butkus comes to Sayers' defense: 'It's a little defensive'
Bears believe they have quality depth at linebacker
Bears mailbag: Urlacher, NFL draft and turf
See more stories »
XUrlacher on LeBron: 'He would own Chicago' Topics
Juaquin Iglesias
Johnny Knox
Jay Cutler
See more topics »
XChicago Bears
Rashied Davis
Devin Hester
NFL All 6 have demonstrated ability; now they must work in new offense
Dan Pompei
On the NFL
7:05 p.m. CDT, May 20, 2010
E-mail Print Share  Text Size

The Bears have a six-horse race at wide receiver and the starting gate will be lifted Friday morning.

That's when minicamp begins with the first competitive practice for the new season. And the competition will be the most interesting at this position, where six returning players each will be trying to show he is more capable in new offensive coordinator Mike Martz's offense.

"I want it to be open competition, and it is wide open, no doubt," Bears receivers coach Darryl Drake said. "You try to beat this guy out. Don't think because someone has started before, the position is his."

Before the wide receivers have run their first routes of minicamp, this is how they should be handicapped in terms of chances to be in the top three.

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Devin Hester: 4-to-5.
Yes, he is picking up Martz's complex system just fine. Interestingly, though, Hester is learning only one position so far — the Z, or flanker spot. He has not been asked to learn the slot yet. Shortly after Martz was hired, he talked about how Hester could have success in the slot.

Most of the receivers, with the exceptions of Earl Bennett and Rashied Davis, have been learning just one position. Eventually, some are expected to be given a second.

The new offense, however, also gives the Bears the flexibility to move receivers within the formation without changing their position.

Hester has led the Bears in receiving since he transitioned to full-time receiver after the 2007 season, and the trend could continue in 2010. In fact, he could have his best season.

Hester should fit well in Martz's scheme because the routes put a premium on body control. Hester probably has more of that than any player on the team.

"Being able to play the game under control, at a controlled speed and pace is of the utmost importance," Drake said. "You have to control your steps, not take too many on a break, and be able to come out of a break in two steps in this system. You can't shuffle your feet on breaks, or skip your feet three or four times before you come out of a break."

Johnny Knox: Even.
He probably has more potential to improve in the new offense than any of the receivers. Knox has been in the NFL for only one season and really hasn't found himself as a player yet.

He has worked hard to put some muscle on his 180-pound frame, but the goal is not for him to gain weight that could slow him down. More muscle can help him deal with pushy defenders who try to knock him off his routes.

Knox's smooth patterns should result in many big plays in Martz's offense.

Devin Aromashodu: 3-to-1.
He was the Bears' best receiver at the end of last season, and he clearly has chemistry with quarterback Jay Cutler. What's more, Aromashodu has the best combination of size and speed of the group.

He will have to learn to run routes the way Martz likes them run — so that each part of it looks the same and it's all at full speed. That may be more difficult for Aromashodu than others.

Aromashodu has been in the NFL for four years and has yet to break out. If he doesn't do it this year, he may never.

Earl Bennett: 10-to-1.
He doesn't have the explosiveness of Hester, Knox and Aromashodu, but his consistency could be his ticket. Bennett runs his routes the right way and doesn't drop many balls. He is instinctive and resourceful. Bennett, who is coming off knee surgery, also has the capability to step up at multiple positions.

Juaquin Iglesias: 30-to-1.

It would be a big leap to go from zero catches to the starting lineup, but the hope is the 2009 third-round pick will step up and at least become a contributor in a scheme that will use more receivers. His size, strength and hands will give him a chance.

Rashied Davis: 40-to-1.
He's one of my favorite players on the team because he always finds a way to make himself valuable. Davis plays like a big man trapped in a little man's body.

He caught only five passes last year though, and his real purpose is to play special teams.

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Bears' Urlacher says he's ready to go (Chicago Tribune)
Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag (Chicago Tribune)
Bulls must weigh if they want James … and Calipari (Chicago Tribune)
Optimism prevails before Bears minicamp (Chicago Tribune)

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And how did the tool you have, fare in the Super Bowl? How many other players did he blame other than himself when he screwed up?

mayor86 (05/21/2010, 10:51 AM )

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Too bad the Bears don't have anyone that can throw to these guys. The tool you have at QB is not the answer.


IndyMD (05/21/2010, 10:47 AM )

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Too bad the Bears don't have anyone to throw to these guys. The tool you guys got at QB is not the answer.

MD in Indy

IndyMD (05/21/2010, 10:46 AM )
20  General Category / Sports / Cuban could face tampering charges on LeBron on: May 21, 2010, 11:14:26 am
Cuban could face tampering charges on LeBron
May 20, 2010 9:46 PM | No Comments reports: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has gone public with his quest to acquire LeBron James. And it might lead to tampering charges.

"Come July 1st, yeah, of course, anybody would be interested in LeBron James, and if he leaves via free agency, then it's going to be tough," Cuban said in an interview with "If he does like I'm guessing, hoping he will, which is say, 'I'm not going to leave the Cavs high and dry,' if he decides to leave -- there's still a better chance he stays -- then he'll try to force a sign-and-trade, and that gives us a chance."

Cuban's comments could fall under the NBA's tampering rules, although he dismissed that notion on Thursday. In 2008, the league sent a memo to the 30 NBA teams detailing specific guidelines when discussing potential free agents with the media.

NBA spokesperson Tim Frank said Thursday that the league is looking into Cuban's comments.

Get the full story at
21  General Category / Sports / Report: 76ers agree to terms with Collins on: May 21, 2010, 11:13:05 am
Report: 76ers agree to terms with Collins
May 20, 2010 7:27 PM | No Comments | UPDATED STORY
Tribune News Services

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia 76ers agreed to terms with TV analyst Doug Collins to become their new coach, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press.

The person spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because the announcement has not been made public. The person said the official announcement was likely to come Friday. Terms were not immediately available.

Team president Ed Stefanski interviewed Collins on May 1, and he emerged as the leading candidate to replace the fired Eddie Jordan. The pool of candidates included former Dallas coach Avery Johnson and Toronto coach Sam Mitchell.

Collins is 332-287 in coaching stints with the Bulls, Detroit and Washington. The 76ers made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 1973 draft, and he played eight seasons with the team.

Photo: Doug Collins, the broadcaster. (AP / Kevork Djansezian)

The 58-year-old will need time to build a winner in Philadelphia that other coaches haven't been afforded. Since Larry Brown left in 2003, four others have failed to coach more than 82 games for the organization.

Jordan, Stefanski's first major coaching hire, flopped in his lone season. After first-round exits in the playoffs two straight seasons, the Sixers finished 27-55 and in the draft lottery.

This could turn out as the most pivotal offseason for the Sixers since they selected Allen Iverson with the No. 1 overall pick in 1996. The Sixers moved up from the sixth spot to grab the No. 2 pick in Tuesday's lottery.

Now they know who will coach whomever they draft.

Collins guided a young Michael Jordan and the Bulls from 1986-89, and the Detroit Pistons from 1995-98. He coached Jordan again with the Washington Wizards from 2001-03.

His two seasons with the Wizards were his only two full seasons in which he did not lead his team to the playoffs. He was fired shortly after Jordan was denied a return to the front office.

Stefanski and other members of Sixers management also interviewed Phoenix assistant coach Dan Majerle, Houston assistant Elston Turner, Portland assistant Monty Williams and former Detroit Pistons star Bill Laimbeer.

Collins has been with TNT since leaving the Wizards.

He was a four-time All-Star with the Sixers, and he averaged 17.9 points in a career marred by injuries. A knee injury forced him to retire in 1981, two years before the 76ers beat the Lakers for the 1983 NBA title.

Collins received the Curt Gowdy Media Award at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September for his work as a broadcaster.

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22  General Category / Sports / Urlacher on LeBron: 'He would own Chicago' on: May 21, 2010, 11:10:36 am
Urlacher on LeBron: 'He would own Chicago'
May 20, 2010 12:00 PM | 40 Comments
By Vaughn McClure

Maybe the Bulls should consider adding Brian Urlacher as a consultant to help lure LeBron James.

The Bears linebacker is one of many hoping the Cavaliers star leaves the comfort of home for the bright lights of Chicago.

"He would own Chicago. That's all there is to it," Urlacher said of James. "I would love for him to come here. I would be at a lot of Bulls games, I'll tell you that much.

"Obviously, he is the best player in the NBA. He is right there with Kobe. I'm a Kobe guy, too, but LeBron's the man. He's the biggest free agent in any sport of all time. No doubt about it."

Urlacher dined at Gibsons along with James, actor Jeremy Piven and others the night before Game 4 of the Bulls-Cavs playoff series.

"He's a good dude," Urlacher said. "I didn't talk to him much, but he's a good guy.

"Everybody always compares him to Michael. What better way to show you're better than Michael Jordan than to come win championships where Michael won championships? I'm not saying he's better than Michael at all, but he has a chance to come prove it to Michael's fans.''

Meanwhile, rumors of  "King James" shopping for a home in Highland Park are not true, a source close to James told the Tribune. The source said James was not even in town.
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22 comments Categories:Bears, Bulls Tags:Brian Urlacher, LeBron James, Vaughn McClure 40 Comments
IrishSweetness on May 20, 2010 10:29 PM
Bullfan, stick to basketball. Don't say stupid things like Urlacher isn't even in the top 10 Bear linebackers list - he'd bull rush ANY Bears linebacker at 260. He has an NFC championship on his CV, so no more BS like that.

Bodhi on May 20, 2010 9:28 PM
Okay, I thought that story about Delonte West and Lebron James' mother was just made up and complete BS. However, Calvin Murphy went on ESPN radio and said that story is absolutely 100% true. He said it definitely happened.

I am still skeptical, but a HOF player like Murphy has come out and said its true.

Bullfan2010 on May 20, 2010 8:13 PM
Urlacher is a washed up has been who should have made 2 Pro Bowls instead of the 10 or whatever he made. Can you say OVERRATED!! Who cares about his opinion? He is not even in the same stratosphere as a LeBron James!

Bullfan2010 on May 20, 2010 8:07 PM
Urlacher could have owned Chicago except he may now not have even made the top 10 linebackers in Chicago Bear history. He is long down the line from Butkus, Singletary, George, Briggs just to name a few. How can Urlacher question anything Gale Sayers says? Sayers made the Hall of Fame in like 6 seasons of NFL football. Urlacher says Sayers never won anything? What does Urlacher know about anything except being a tool!! Know wonder LeBron never talked to him that night!

Matt on May 20, 2010 8:01 PM
er...maybe you take yourself a little too seriously there amye? Ya think!

The Dude on May 20, 2010 7:37 PM
amye on May 20, 2010 6:55 PM

BTW, I wonder if he would go to Chicago since he can't wear the number 23 here.

In case you've been living under a rock, he's changing his number to 6 next seaon.

Bullfan2010 on May 20, 2010 7:37 PM
Urlacher could have owned Chicago too except he is one of the biggest idiots to ever play sports in Chicago. Final straw is getting into a war of words with Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus. I used to love to watch Urlacher play until I hear him talk and say soemthing stupid every time he opens his mouth. Hopefully LeBron will not listen to any of his advice!

amye on May 20, 2010 6:55 PM
Yeah, LeBron, just kick Cleveland in the balls even more if you go to Chicago - where MJ already kicked Cleveland several times.

BTW, I wonder if he would go to Chicago since he can't wear the number 23 here.

Go Play In Hell, as far as I'm concerned. That way you can play like **** like you did the last two games, and get burned by the Devil, like you & your teammates burned Cleveland.

DaBulls321 on May 20, 2010 6:52 PM
If Lebron came to Chicago I think he will be the best player and dominate during the regular season, but during the playoffs the tides will turn and Derrick Rose will prove why Lebron scame to Chicago

alan on May 20, 2010 6:47 PM
Trust me I am praying lebron james comes to the bulls but realistically he's not.So Stop writing articles about urlacher or paul silas's opinions.Or fake articles about him shopping for houses etc,etc.He's not leaving the cavs so it looks really pathetic to report non sense everyday.

Plus this is stating the obvious he will own any city he goes to.DUH.Bulls have a cheap owner, 2 imbeciles as General managers and dont even have a coach.YEA right lebron cant wait to get to this bumbling operation that would have zero titles if it wasnt for MJ.LMAO

ejhickey on May 20, 2010 6:19 PM
Some of us just don't care whether LeBron comes to chicago or not.

BrwnSknGurl on May 20, 2010 5:39 PM
To all the folks who do not want to talk or read articles about LeBron possibly coming to Chicago -- stop reading them and commenting. I was just in NY and let me tell you: it's LeBron all day and night long, in the papers, on talk radio, etc. It would be awesome if LeBron came here and all you naysayers would be the first ones jockeying to get a photo with him...get over it! Nothing wrong with a little LeBron mania! And I would certainly rather read these articles about LeBron than read the dozens of articles about senseless violence plaguing our city and communities...

JRO on May 20, 2010 5:36 PM
Perhaps LeBron's big contract could help Urlacher pay for his child support to the many women that have almost bankrupted him...or help him pay for his degenerate brother casey to move out of his brian's condo...or a knee replacement for urlacher so he can get faster and become a factor in the bears defense again...the two could be real pals

Mr.X on May 20, 2010 5:29 PM
ALL HAIL THE KING.........for winning all those championships.

Steve on May 20, 2010 4:02 PM
QUOTE:Who is Rocky Wirtz? Lets go around the country and ask people who they know, Lebron James or Rocky Wirtz? I think you might find the actual answer a little different than you dream.

What a dumb comparison as last I checked LeBron is a PLAYER and Wirtz is an OWNER.. HOW many people know who owns the Cavs? Hmmm? What a Dumb comparison.. Try comparing someone like Kane and LeBron... Depending where you are at you will get different answer. Not to say LeBron is not a hugely popular entity in sports, but c'mon, don't compare an OWNER of a team with a Player of a team...

David on May 20, 2010 3:59 PM
He reminds me too much of Sammy Sosa: big talent, very self-absorbed, unable to step up when it counts and will never be a champion beyond High School. Wilt II (though Wilt I finally won one championship).

It_is_I on May 20, 2010 3:42 PM
Does anyone else on this board understand that Rose and James are GOOD friends? Rose wants him on the Bulls. So... if he does not have a problem with it, why do you?k

Chicagoan in Cleveland on May 20, 2010 3:14 PM
Have any of the people in the "Rose and LBJ can't exist together" camp ever seen the Cavs play?

The reason LeBron handles the ball so much is because Mo Williams, Delonte West and Boobie Gibson are all shooting PGs and not true ball handlers. LBJ has been forced to bring the ball up.

He would thrive with DRose...he could run the wings and crash to the basket. DRose would collect 3-4 APG on alley oops alone.

DWhite4120 on May 20, 2010 3:12 PM
Dude, Hawksfan, first of all, you show me one Cubs fan who jumped on the Sux bandwagon. As a lifelong Cubbies fan, i can tell you that only St. Louis is hated more by North Siders, and maybe not even them. And the Bulls need LBJ, b/c it's been 12 yrs since a title and Chicago is a superstar town. Obviously Michael will always be number one here, but his day is over. It's time to move on. Remember His Airness, but move on with LBJ and more titles, which would follow.

Lance Coardill on May 20, 2010 3:10 PM
Sad stuff. We seemingly value James' type of talent than, say, the pediatric oncologist at Children's Memorial, the pro bono attorney working to free wrongly convicted death row inmates and the hardworking special ed teacher working with a trisomy 21 child/group of children. Don't get me wrong, I love basketball, played it through college, but there's something wrong here. Chicago does not need another pithicanthropus who plays well a kid's game and earns more in one day than any of the aforementioned do in a year. Ego and all

SP on May 20, 2010 2:41 PM
Mike--I so agree with you!!! It would be a terrible move and would effect the entire Chicago Bulls organization. Bosh would be fine. I don't think LBJ and Derrick could co-exist. Why is everyone losing their minds over this dude? He can move to NY, NJ or stay in Cleveland---he is not wanted here. Nuff said!

Hawksfan on May 20, 2010 2:38 PM
Chicago is nothing but a bandwagon town. The Hawks are proving it right now. The defected Cub fans' hopped on the White Sox wagon in '05. When Cutler came to Chicago, more people got on the Bear's wagon. If Lebron comes to Chicago, that wagon will be filled too.

Dan on May 20, 2010 2:35 PM
Ah, but the real question is what number would he wear? Unfortunately, for a town that references the '85 Bears every other comment, King James would always play second fiddle to His Airness. Period.

karlito on May 20, 2010 2:27 PM
That's about as dumb a rumor as I've heard. Why would MJ help recruit LBJ to the Bulls when MJ owns his own team?

Lindsay on May 20, 2010 2:08 PM
Ha! To the person who said no one would know the Bulls or Bears were playing if the Hawks win-- you have to be kidding!

I'm rooting for the Hawks and all, but there's no way hockey will EVER be as big as football in Chicago..

alan on May 20, 2010 1:52 PM
this is 7 consecutive days of lebron articles.

mike on May 20, 2010 1:33 PM
Regarding the statement that LeBron wasn't even in Chicago, thus couldn't have been looking at homes...that is called "plausible deniability". Perhaps he wasn't, but he could have had someone looking FOR him, as many celebrities do.

I think he's going to end up here. I originally thought it was a pipe dream, but hype has a way of shaping reality, and Chicago really is the ideal athlete's town.

Your Opinion Is Wrong on May 20, 2010 1:33 PM
Mike is right on. F LeBron. Lets get Bosh and Johnson instead. It would give us an inside outside game and let DRose penetrate and dish. I don't think DRose and LeBron could co-exist harmoniously.

Creighton on May 20, 2010 1:31 PM
Not to rain on the Hawks fan parade, but given the Hawks playoff ratings, I would say the Bears will own this town no matter what. Always has and always will be a Bears town. Not that the Hawks are not doing really well. But they are a Hockey team, soccer is even more popular in the states. They don't even put up White Sox ratings. Sox won the World series. Still don't own Chicago. It will be really nice if they win it all and the fans will be happy for them, but it won't change anything. They will still be the 5th team in Chicago. Just remember the Hawks play in the house that Jordan Built. Who is Rocky Wirtz? Lets go around the country and ask people who they know, Lebron James or Rocky Wirtz? I think you might find the actual answer a little different than you dream.

Mike Rose will only benifit from James. Bulls don't have the talent to win a title, they need something and he is the best something they can get. Deng is the one who would loose playing time not Rose. Not sure why you think this would effect Rose. Noah is more of a leader than Rose on the team anyway. Pippen managed to put up huge numbers with Jordan, Kobe and Oneil. Why do you care so much about his entourage? All the big names have them, give Rose time and he will have one too. How could Rose not benifit from Lebron? Who are teams going to double? Pick your poison, Rose would see fewer doubles, and he would have someone who he can dish too.

God forbid the Bulls get the best player in the NBA, last time that happened they only one six titles.

Charles on May 20, 2010 1:24 PM
It's Mike and Mike. If any of you boneheads (Scott/Danny) cared to read a little, you'd know that Tom was being facetious. Aww, now the two of you are gonna be little bit__es and attempt to find faults in my arguments cause you're a little buttsore. I tell you what, I'd rather that Chicago attempt to sign-and-trade Deng for Bosh and go for Wade than get LeBron. I have no problem with LeBron, other than the fact that he proved that he's NOT the competitor that Jordan was..... or even like Kobe for that matter. If Wade had LeBron's attitude, he'd be ringless and I'd have to to hear Mark Cuban waving his hand round screaming UNITY for eternity. Eww.

Kevin on May 20, 2010 1:23 PM
Holy cow doesn't anyone understand sarcasm?

You're right Mike F. Surely it's because LeBron hogs the ball that he averaged more assists per game this year than Derrick Rose.

Tom was making fun of Mike F's comment. I'm not sure it could drip with more sarcasm if it was in water.

Mike F and Mike are the say no to lebron group.

I say Toni Kukoc is back in town, let's sign him to a solid 10 day contract. That LeBron character names himself king, and there is only 1 king folks.........and he shows up in those commercials.

CarterHall on May 20, 2010 1:08 PM
Sorry Boys -- Rocky Wirtz owns this town, and if the Hawks bring home the Cup, no one will even know that the Bulls or Bears are playing.

Anne on May 20, 2010 1:07 PM
Urlacher? What's he done lately?

Seymour Butts on May 20, 2010 1:05 PM
The "No To Lebron" crowd is joking, right? I mean, you can't possibly ACTUALLY believe that getting the best player in the League is a bad addition to a mediocre team, can you? If your answer is help immediately.

danny on May 20, 2010 12:59 PM

Money on May 20, 2010 12:58 PM
LeBron can hog the ball as much as he wants to. I can't believe that some fans would not want LeBron on the Bulls. Probably the same fans who wanted to keep Luol Deng instead of trading for Kobe. You don't pass on elite players PERIOD!!!!!!!

Scott on May 20, 2010 12:43 PM
Tom and Mike F = Clueless basketball fans. It's not pee wee league bball here fellas!

Mike on May 20, 2010 12:41 PM
Am I the only one who isn't completely sold on Lebron in a Bulls' uniform? With him comes the entourage and all his BS, and a demand for the ball.
Excuse me; what is Rose supposed to do?
Rose is the leader of this team. Get a shooting guard and Bosh. Let Lebron stay in Cleveland or wherever the hell he wants to go.

Tom on May 20, 2010 12:34 PM
You're right Mike F. Surely it's because LeBron hogs the ball that he averaged more assists per game this year than Derrick Rose.

Mike F on May 20, 2010 12:20 PM
The only thing he would own is the ball.....on damn near every possesion while the four other Bull players stand and watch his royal highness.

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23  General Category / Sports / McNabb wants James on Bulls on: May 21, 2010, 11:09:03 am
McNabb wants James on BullsAround Town
Bio | E-mail | Recent columns
 Urlacher on LeBron: 'He would own Chicago'
Fred Mitchell and David Kaplan
8:50 p.m. CDT, May 20, 2010
E-mail Print Share  Text Size

Donovan McNabb is rooting for LeBron James to join the Bulls this summer.

Before participating in the taping of ESPN "Homecoming with Rick Reilly" on Thursday night, McNabb talked to the Tribune about his passion for basketball.

"Being a major Bulls fan, (signing James) would mean a lot to me, as well as my team," said McNabb, now a member of the Redskins.

McNabb starred in basketball and football at Mount Carmel High School. He also was a member of the Syracuse basketball team for three years.

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"When you have a backcourt of Derrick Rose and LeBron, and a young nucleus of (Joakim) Noah and Luol Deng … it would be big," he said.

More than 1,700 people came to Mount Carmel the taping of the show scheduled to air in the fall.

Sights seen: Sharks players Joe Thornton, Ryane Clowe, Jed Ortmeyer, Brad Staubitz, Jay Leach and Dan Boyle enjoyed sushi, tacos and shaki tuna at Hub51 Wednesday night.

Local attractions: The Sky's home-opener Saturday (7 p.m.) at Allstate Arena will include a "house warming party" at 4 p.m. in the arena parking lot. A rock climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course, face painters and balloon makers will be available for kids, along with free food and drink.

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Avery Johnson expected to meet with Hawks (
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Courting the King: Grass-Roots Campaigns Try To Send LeBron to Chicago (RedEye)
Bulls must weigh if they want James … and Calipari (Chicago Tribune)
LeBron James Derby 2010: Did the NBA Draft Lottery Help the Bulls? (Daily Chicago Sports Tab)
Bulls only giving LeBron a short window to sign (Chicago Bulls Confidential)

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Donovan McNabb is one of the few Chicago super stars that honors his hometown with his support and charitable contributions. Bravo for McNabb. And for Rose, Deng and Tyrus Thomas, also charitable toward Chicago.

Is GarPax charitable toward Chicago? They should pay Chicagoans damages for what they have done over the last decade.

scudderstuart (05/21/2010, 12:45 AM )

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Guess McNabb doesn't follow basketball all that closely - Jerry Krause has been out of a job with the Bulls for some time now...

BlackhawkTony (05/21/2010, 12:30 AM )

24  General Category / Sports / Ditka on the side of Sayers in rift with Urlacher on: May 21, 2010, 11:07:13 am
Ditka on the side of Sayers in rift with Urlacher
May 21, 2010 10:05 AM | 2 Comments | UPDATED STORY

Mike Ditka says Gale Sayers was within his rights to say what he did about the Bears. (Phil Velasquez/Tribune)

Staff report

Count Mike Ditka in Gale Sayers' camp in his war of words this week with Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Urlacher publicly chastised Sayers for questioning the potential of the 2010 Bears during a May 4 speaking engagement in Nebraska. Urlacher responded to the former Bears running back by saying: "Let me ask you a question: How many championships did Gale Sayers win? How many playoff games did he win when he played? None. None. None."

Asked to weigh in Friday on ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning," Ditka said, "It's a shame, it really is. ... You can't control what people say, what they think, how they act, what they write about you. You've got to control your reaction to them.

"I like Brian Urlacher, he's one heck of a football player. It's unfortunate to have this happen to the Bears family. I don't like it."
Asked if Urlacher was wrong to criticize Sayers, Ditka said, "I don't want to get into right and wrong. ... There are things in life that you can't control. People are going to think what they want to think about Mike Ditka. ... I might disagree with them, but I don't have to say anything about it."

Ditka said he doesn't understand why Urlacher got upset.

"I don't think Gale was really being that critical," he said. "Somebody asked him a question, they asked him about the state of the Chicago Bears. He answered very honestly what he thought about (quarterback Jay) Cutler, he answered very honestly what he thought about the coach (Lovie Smith).

"I don't  know where it was so inflammatory. One thing people (like Sayers) have to say is, 'Hey listen, I've been a Bear my whole life, and that's not going to change.' But when somebody sees something that they think is wrong, I don't think it's wrong to say it.  Sometimes criticism pointed in the right direction can help."

Asked whether criticism could be uncalled for when coming from within the Bears' family, Ditka said,  "You have to understand who Gale Sayers is, and what kind of individual he is. He's one of the most mild-mannered, easy-going guys I've ever been around. He would not say anything to harm anybody in any way. ... He was answering a question. I don't see anything bad about it.  I don't think he was trying to scorch anybody."
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Butkus backs Sayers in rift with Urlacher
this site

Breaking and recently updated stories from Breaking Sports:
Notable players sitting as Bears' minica...
last update: 05/21/10 09:11 AM
1 comment Sox Game Day: Sox rally late but lose 6-...
last update: 05/20/10 11:13 PM
10 comments Categories:Bears, Updated Tags:Brian Urlacher, Gale Sayers, Mike Ditka 2 Comments
KMC on May 21, 2010 10:52 AM
Are they going to ask every single former Bear who they side with? Who gives a S#!t! Sayers made a critical comment. Urlacher took offense to it. Thats it. End of story.

Bill Swerski on May 21, 2010 10:49 AM
As expected. Eloquent words from an eloquent man.

A tip to Brian Urlacher, next time, instead of just shouting out the first thing that pops into your head, right or wrong, take a step back and think to yourself, WWDD?

What would Ditka do? The answer to that will steer you in the right direction every time, my friend.

Al on May 21, 2010 10:49 AM
Sayers has always been negative...he wouldnt even list Walter as one of the top 5 RB's..He is bitter cause Walter stole his thunder, and for some reason blames the Bears for it. Ive never heard Sayers say a good word about the Bears, or any of their players. Im sick of his act. he needs to grow up and accept his place in history. The other night on the top 10 return men, Sayers was listed as #7. All he did was promote himself when he was interviewed. Not 1 good thing to say about the other players.

brett on May 21, 2010 10:42 AM
Football news is hard to come by when the players aren't playing!

Joe Felicelli on May 21, 2010 10:33 AM
Spoken like a true pitch man, Coach...

The media flocks to people like Urlacher and Sayers, because they don't have a filter when they talk. Ditka and others, even Butkus to a lesser extent, have spent years after their playing days in the public eye, so they know their cliches, and know where to play the political game where they try not to be too controversial. A little controversy gets you endorsement deals and public recognition. Too much, and you become Mercury Morris, where people just want to see someone go undefeated so we don't have to listen to that dill-weed again.

Every person slips up from time to time, as we saw when the most non-threatening speaker in the world, Peyton Manning, threw his offensive line under the bus after a loss, so we can't expect perfection. But Sayers wasn't wrong, he just said it in a manner that could easily be interpreted as an attack on the players, staff, and organization. Maybe they deserved it, but the media spin on it made it 10 times worse than it ever would have been otherwise.

We all want emotion, passion, and realism instead of canned, sterilized responses, but then jump all over people when they give them.

I don't agree with Sayers taking the negative tact with his comment, but he wasn't wrong. He could have said it without picking on Urlacher and Smith personally, and I think that is what is rubbing the team the wrong way.

25  Media & Film / Media Matters / "Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves" on: May 21, 2010, 11:04:36 am
Bill Press's "Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves" [Hardcover]
By Bill Press's Review (excerpt)
"For far too long, conservatives were the only voices heard on talk radio. But no longer. Now there-s a whole community of strong and dynamic progressive voices on the airwaves. As Bill Press shows, progressive radio is alive, well, and growing!"
--Congressman James E. Clyburn, House Majority Whip

Good for Bill Press! Finally, somebody exposes that gang of right-wing talk show hosts for the hate-mongers they are. If you want to know how much damage Rush Limbaugh and his clones have done to free speech, read this book!
--Ed Schultz, host of The Ed Schultz Show

"I poke fun at the -right-wing world- on my own radio show every day. But Bill Press shows us that the world of right-wing talk is not only stupid, it-s dangerous. I dare Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to read this book. If they ever did, they would immediately resign in shame!"
--Stephanie Miller, host of The Stephanie Miller Show

"Finally, a bare knuckled challenge to those bullies on talk radio who invent their own truths. Bill Press is a progressive breath of fresh air."
--Senator Byron Dorgan

"For too long, talk radio was the exclusive playhouse of right-wing extremists. No longer. Now, we see them exposed for what Bill Press rightly calls them, toxic talkers. We also see the promise, from a progressive perspective, of more and more strong truth-tellers."
--Senator Bernie Sanders


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Buy more progressive premiums to support BuzzFlash progressive news and commentary (we accept no advertising, corporate or otherwise to maintain our complete independence) by going to The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace.
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26  Media & Film / the History of Film / Charlie Chaplin Collector's 2 DVD Set on: May 21, 2010, 11:03:16 am
Great Charlie Chaplin Collector's 2 DVD Set in a Commemorative Tin
Great Collection of Charlie Chaplin Films's Review (excerpt)
"He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the Little Tramp, with his bowler hat, twirling cane and unmistakable, unlikely swagger. Nevertheless, of course, Chaplin was a master filmmaker, directing and acting in most of his films, many of which have become classics. This collection of films made for the silent screen brings you nine of Charlie Chaplin's best, on two DVDs. In addition to the Little Tramp, his frequent guest stars join Charlie, including Edna Purviance, Ben Turpin, Fatty Arbuckle and the Keystone Kops. Watch Shoulder Arms, The Champion, The Kid, Easy Street, The Vagabond, Work, The Tramp, The Knockout and Kid Auto Races at Venice!"

Chaplin was also a great humanitarian, denounced as a Communist by the American right of his time. Of course he wasn't a Communist; he just happened to care about other people.


Buy more progressive premiums to support BuzzFlash progressive news and commentary (we accept no advertising, corporate or otherwise to maintain our complete independence) by going to The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace.
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Buy more progressive premiums to support BuzzFlash progressive news and commentary (we accept no advertising, corporate or otherwise to maintain our complete independence) by going to The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace.
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27  Media & Film / Television / No easy answers on 'Lost' on: May 12, 2010, 11:26:24 am
No easy answers on 'Lost'
Posted: 09:39 AM ET

"Every question I answer will simply lead to another question." So said one mysterious resident of the island, to a pregnant woman who was shipwrecked there thousands of years ago. Boy, she wasn't kidding.

We got more than our usual share of answers on Tuesday night's episode of "Lost," with one long flashback explaining the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black. Chances are that this will either be seen as a landmark episode or a massive misfire by most fans. It will almost certainly be debated for a long time to come.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to resign myself to the fact that some of what's happened over these six seasons just won't be fully explained (especially after recent statements by Evangeline Lilly and another key actor on the show - watch this space for more on that later today). I'm okay with that. Even so, I'm hoping we'll get a little more clarity, at least on what we saw in this third-to-last episode, before it's all over.

What really struck me were the many parallels between this mythic story and the themes of the show up to this point.

This week, we found out, in no particular order:

The parentage of Jacob and the Man in Black (who shall still remain nameless). They came here "by accident" just like everyone else. Of course that's not what their adopted mother - protector of the island's powers, not to mention a murderer - told them. Jacob was the good son who nevertheless didn't particularly interest Mother (they really weren't big on names back then). The Boy in Black was seen as "special" (not unlike Walt, Locke and perhaps even Aaron?), but that was not to be.

They were told that the other people on the island were evil and when others show up "it always ends the same." Both had questions, especially Jacob, but few answers were forthcoming. Like Jack, there were more than a few parental issues going on. When the ghost of the Boy in Black's real mother appeared to him, Hurley-style, and told him the truth, his world was shattered. He went to join the other people, like Ben.

The origin of the donkey wheel as well as how all of this Jacob/Man in Black stuff ties into the science, the electromagnetic properties of the island. The Man in Black believed his invention of the donkey wheel, with the help of the "other people" (not unlike Dharma) to be his way off the island, and he was right, but not before Mother stopped him, because she had to protect the island's "source" (more on that later). This would later be found by Dharma, lead to the incident, the Numbers, yadda-yadda-yadda.

The origins of the smoke monster and its connection to the temple's rejuvenating pool. After Mother attempted to kill the Man in Black, and wiped out the "other people" (how exactly?), Jacob was instructed to drink from the bottle of wine he would later show to Richard.

Despite his questioning and resentment at being the "second choice," he eventually gave in. He would become like her and protect a stream that led to a magical light, the "source" that she said represented life and death - and some of it was "inside every man... If the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere." Not too far off from what Jacob told Richard.

On the other hand, how far off her rocker was Mother, anyway? Was she shading the truth, was her view of things completely warped, or did she just not know the answers herself? One thing is for sure, there was certainly something other-worldly about that stream and light... after the Man in Black killed his Mother (something she was relieved to have happen), Jacob took out his revenge by knocking him cold and sending him downstream.

And from that would come the familiar sounds... and a burst of smoke. (Note that all three main characters here committed at least one murder.)

Those darn Adam and Eve skeletons were also explained, with a helpful reminder that Jack didn't just find skeletons in a cave way back in the sixth(!) episode of the series... he found two rocks, one light, one dark. These were reminders of the game that Jacob used to play with his twin brother from childhood. At the time, Jacob was told that one day he could have his own game and make up his own rules. The two skeletons were a mother and son... the Man in Black was dead, just like Locke.

So there are your answers, and here are some questions:

So does this mean that the smoke monster and the Man in Black are two totally separate entities? It would certainly explain why the Man in Black came across as quite sympathetic, arguably more so than Jacob (dare I call him whiny?). Or is the smoke monster able to twist people's souls into something evil? I have a feeling that's one we may have to figure out for ourselves.

So we quite clearly saw a birth (actually, two) on the island. When did these stop? I believe that we have yet to be told why no one was able to give birth on the island for a while, at least prior to Claire.

Going back to the references to "games" and rules, they seemed a bit murky here. Jacob and the Man in Black were supposedly unable to hurt each other but that was clearly not the case, even after Jacob drank the wine. Was that just another lie from Mother? (Like so much we've heard from Ben and the Man in Black, it all depends on where you're getting the information. Is all of Jacob's knowledge of the island from Mother?) This would lend credence to the idea that the Man in Black and the smoke monster, unable to directly kill Jacob or a "candidate," are two separate things.

Oh yeah... who is that kid who keeps appearing to "Smokey?" (UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that that is Jacob as a child.)

Oh yeah... who are the "new" Others and when did they hook up with Richard? No doubt they got there "by accident." Jacob's status as some sort of "god" appears to have a lot more to do with Richard's belief that "Smokey" was the devil, instead of an admittedly-more-confident Jacob actually being a deity.

Oh yeah, there's also the matter of a freaking huge statue and how it got there.

Allison Janney as Woman. a.k.a. Mother: Good casting or bad casting? Discuss.
Never fear, there are still two episodes to go! Gulp. As for what to expect next, your guess is as good as mine (but we'd love to know what you'd like to see happen - only a few days left to post your video). I've come this far and I'm prepared to ride it out to the end, for better or worse.

So which was this episode, better or worse? Share your thoughts on video, or in the comments below.

Posted by: associate producer Henry Hanks
Filed under: Lost
28  Literature / Book Reviews / The Man Who Sold the World: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street on: May 12, 2010, 11:23:52 am
The Man Who Sold the World: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America (Paperback)
By William Kleinknecht's Review (excerpt)
From the Nation:

The myth of Ronald Reagan's greatness has reached epic proportions. The public rates him as one of the most popular presidents, and Republicans everywhere seek to cast themselves in his image. But award-winning journalist William Kleinknecht shows in this penetrating analysis of his presidency that the Reagan legacy has been devastating for the country—especially for the ordinary Americans he claimed to represent.

So much that has gone wrong in America—including the subprime mortgage crisis and the meltdown of the financial sector—can be traced directly to Reagan's policies. The financial deregulation launched in the 1980s freed banks and securities firms to squander hundreds of billions of dollars and make a shambles of the economy. Boom-and-bust cycles, obscene CEO salaries, blackouts, drug-company scandals, collapsing bridges, plummeting wages for working people, the flight of U.S. manufacturing abroad—these are all products of Reagan's free-market zealotry and his gutting of the public sector. Reagan pioneered the use of wedge issues like race and the war on drugs to distract America while his administration empowered corporations to lay waste to our traditional ways of life.

In the spirit of Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas?, Kleinknecht takes us to Reagan's hometown of Dixon, Illinois, to show that he was anything but a friend to Main Street America. Relying on detailed factual analysis rather than opinion, The Man Who Sold the World is the first major work to explode the Reagan myth.

This book is a great companion to Will Bunch's Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future (Hardcover)

"A seasoned crime reporter of the old school, William Kleinknecht has penetrated the showbiz curtain to expose the venality and cynicism of the Reagan era—and tells us why the crimes of that time still matter so much today."

-—Joe Conason, best-selling author, Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth and It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush

Read The Full Review >>>
Other Reviews
William Kleinknecht is a veteran reporter and crime correspondent for the Newark Star-Ledger. He has previously covered the crime beat for the New York Daily News. He has won awards from the Associated Press and the American Society of Professional Journalists, and has contributed to American Journalism Review, National Law Journal and the Boston Phoenix. The author of New Ethnic Mobs: The Changing Face of Organized Crime in America, he lives in Glen Rock, New Jersey.
Learn More >>>
29  Media & Film / Documentary / Plunder: The Crime of Our Time (DVD) on: May 12, 2010, 11:21:51 am
Plunder: The Crime of Our Time (DVD): A Great Basic Understandable Explanation of the Criminal Wall Street Scheme That Brought Down the Mightiest Economy in the World (2010). Especially Good for Discussion Groups. Just Released.
By Danny Schechter's Review (excerpt)

Danny Schechter exposed the credit card industry in the prescient "In Debt We Trust" a few years back. And indeed it was the stagnation of wages that began with the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation of Wall Street that led to the economic collapse that Schechter makes the case was a criminal fraud.

Schechter doesn't have the money to have an A-Team of Hollywood cinematographers with him, but his case convincingly comes through loud and clear. Although much of what Wall Street did to crash the wealthiest economy in the world was legalized by the repeal of regulations in the late 1990s, Schechter makes a strong argument that the overall strategy of most of the large "too big to fail" financial firms was fraudulent and deceptive, in short subject to a RICO act indictment, were not the same people who led these companies now in charge of the economy under the Obama Administration, making DOJ indictment highly unlikely.

"Plunder: The Crime of Our Time" is a great background documentary for those Americans who are so confused -- and who isn't -- by the terms used for exotic wall street financial instruments that they tune out. Schechter lays out in a straightforward fashion how the nation was taken to the cleaners by Wall Street and how they did it, complete with understandable diagrams and a clear, lucid script.

You don't get the dazzling Hollywood camera work that big studios can afford, but, hey, you get something more important: the truth about why the guys who ran the casino on Wall Street should be in jail.


A hard-hitting investigative film by Danny Schechter. The “News Dissector” explores how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity uncovering the connection between the collapse of the housing market and the economic catastrophe that followed. To tell this story Schechter speaks with bankers involved in these activities, respected economists, insider experts, top journalists including Paul Krugman, and even a convicted white-collar criminal, Sam Antar, who blows the whistle on intentionally dishonest practices.
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30  Media & Film / Documentary / Opposing Prop 8 Gay Marriage Equality with Massive Dollars on: May 12, 2010, 11:21:08 am
Opposing Prop 8 Gay Marriage Equality with Massive Dollars: "The Mormon Proposition" Pre-Release Discount (Will be Sent On Around July 12th) BuzzFlash Calls This an Eye-Opener Into the Roll of the Mormon Church in the Defeat of Prop 8. A Searing Indictment with Damning Video Footage and Documents.
Narrated by Dustin Lance Black, Academy Award Screenwriter of "Milk"'s Review

"All of us are unaware that in 2008, the GLBT citizens of the United States were denied about 200 civil rights that their married friends could have. The Mormon Church's national Organization for Marriage is responsible for the coordination, the finance and the leadership of the attempt to stop marriage equality for all Americans and they have fought this war secretly. When an investigation was launched by the California Fair Political Practices Commission it was discovered that the Mormons were responsible for the defeat of the proposition. In fact the Mormons have deterred every piece of legislation dealing with GLBT issues.

In the film this becomes public record. Thomas S. Monson, Mormon prophet (small "p" intentional) issued the call to Mormons everywhere in coded language and commanded them to do whatever necessary to make sure that California's Proposition 8 passed. In a matter of days the Mormons gave thirty million dollars to the state of California so they could buy votes. Now the Mormons joined together with evangelical Christians and the fight became even bigger. When the bill passed the Mormons took the credit but when the backlash from the GLBT community came, the Mormons complained that they were victims of persecution.

Reed Cowan had been collecting secret recordings, documents and footage so that he could expose the Mormons. Reed's film looks at the lives of the GLBT citizens affected by this. We meet the couple Barrick-Jones. Barrick's ancestor was Joseph Smith's right hand man, Frederick Williams and we se that Tyler Barrick and Spencer Jones are feeling the same kind of discrimination that was felt by Mormons because of polygamy. Even more shocking is that the Mormons went so far as to use shock therapy and lobotomies among its own population when discovering that a Mormon was gay. There have been hundreds of suicides from gay members because of these inequalities.
Rarely has a film been so controversial before it opened but news leaked out and GLAAD and HRC had to act.

We learn also about the gay homeless kids of Utah and that most of the homeless there are gay. The film calls everyone to action and we are witness to one of the most shameful elections in the history of this country. If the Mormons succeed here, there is no reason why other religions cannot do the same.

The film is an indictment of the Church of Latter Day Saints and its secrecy."
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